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OMG, i'm really terrible in updating my blog this month >.<, life has just been crazy for me! I will do my best to be more productive next month (can't promise anything for the remainder of this month) and for now-let's finally talk about December movies, shall we?

We watched 8 movies in total, some are good, some are fine and some are simply horrid. Let's get on with them!
Now, i've never been a big fan of Underworld franchise-my hubby is always (a lot) more excited when the movies come out than me (and #Undecided too coz she has the major case of #womancrush on Kate Beckinsale while i am not even mildly attracted to her *LOL*. We have very different tastes-#Undecided and i. Both in men AND women), i don't have any particular feeling towards the movies especially after the first few.. And since i am not very invested in them, i think i annoy hunny tremendously because i keep on asking who's that and what they are throughout the movie(s) >.< and because i can't remember what the plot line in the last movie even was, i didn't even remember that Theo James (whom i adore. But admittedly i only notice him after Divergent) is in the last movie and it was a nice surprise when i saw his handsome face on screen!

Anyway, Blood Wars follows Selene in present day, still fighting off both Lycans and Vampires (who are almost all wiped out by Lycans) who both hunt her for different reasons, Lycans wanting to use her to locate her daughter Eve (who holds the key to Vampire and Lycan hybrid) and Vampires hold her responsible for some elders' death from the last movie-Selene only has David as her ally (and his dad actually). They were tricked by Semira (a council member) into returning to the coven then being framed so she becomes "most wanted" once again. Selene and David then run away to the Nordic Coven but it doesn't take long before both pursuer make appearances and huge war ensued.

I actually find this movie to be more interesting than at least the last 3 movies-BUT i might be biased because i like Theo James too much (judging from the fact that lots of people seem to hate it haha) but i just feel like it's more refreshing than the last one (okay, i don't remember the last one at all -___-). It's nothing special, and i agree that they should probably stop making more movies coz the story is stretched so far there's nothing new to see anymore-but at least i didn't get bored or feel like i'm throwing money down the drain by watching it. I dunno, i might recommend this for Theo's fans like me haha.

I feel like we've been seeing the trailer to this movie for such a long time, i got a bit tired of the trailer already and didn't expect much from the movie-but it turned out to be so much better than i thought it's gonna be!

So the movie is set in a what i like to call "Zootopia world" (it's not even from the same creator, but i think you get what i mean" which is like our world but humans are replaced by talking animals-Buster Moon is a koala with a big dream-he dreams to own a grand theater since he is little. Now an adult and finally the owner of the grand theater, things are not exactly going the way he plans. He is in deep debt and must find a way to find success, quick. He then decided to produce a singing competition, joined by heaps of talented animals with different background-but things are not going as smooth as Buster Moon hopes it's going to be.

You know i love animation, and i love good songs and good jokes-you can find them all here. Along with a lot of heart-i ended up tearing more tears than i want to admit, and when i cry during movies-that means i like it. A lot. Highly recommended! Oh, and i didn't know Taron Egerton has such a beautiful voice, that guy is just good at everything, eh?

You know i don't like to read too many reviews on movies before going in to watch it because i don't really like to be affected by the reviews (i often disagree with the reviews since tastes can differ from one person to the other, but i can be easily suggested and i don't want to sabotage a perfectly good movie from being entertaining enough for me) but sometimes i do regret that decision. I wanted so much for this movie to be at least okay, i turn a blind eye on the rather dodgy ratings because reading the synopsis and learning the creator behind the movie-i thought it's going to be something similar to Insidious (which i love). Pfffft.

A young boy named Cameron discovered a homeless person in his house one night, the homeless person tries to attack Cameron but somehow Cameron kills the man instead. Ever since that day, he is a totally changed boy and quite obviously possessed. Dr Ember, a scientist who can reach a possessed people (who are in a dream-like state and the only way to wake them up and evict the spirit that possess them is by making them realized that they're dreaming and it's not reality) and on the hunt for an entity that kills his family is summoned by The Vatican to help the boy-Dr. Ember then realizes that the entity that possesses Cameron is the one he has been looking for so long.

Okay. So they try to mix supernatural with science, and it fails miserably. The movie is not interesting, totally flat, boring, never peaked and there's not a second where i was spooked -___-. I thought since Aaron Eckhard is the lead, the movie should at least be acceptable, right? WRONG. It's one of the worst movies i've seen in a while and i feel totally cheated of my ticket's money. Avoid this movie at all cost -___-.

This next one is not any better for me >.<. I'm so sorry Star Wars mega fan, and the ones who thinks Rouge One is epic... I had no idea what i was watching and couldn't understand the movie AT ALL. FYI, i never watch older Star Wars movie-the only one i did watch is the last one made by Disney with the whole BB-8 and it was good for me-but this one... I didn't understand the plot line (it's apparently a prequel to a previous Star Wars movie?) and i end up feeling like "What's the point of the whole movie if all the lead just... Dies?". 

I will not even attempt to re-write the synopsis, i really can't. I'll just copy and paste it from the IMDb :
All looks lost for the Rebellion against the Empire as they learn of the existence of a new super weapon, the Death Star. Once a possible weakness in its construction is uncovered, the Rebel Alliance must set out on a desperate mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. The future of the entire galaxy now rests upon its success

Seriously, it's probably one of those love it or hate it kind of movie, if you're a die hard Star Wars movie then you probably have to watch it (but then again i heard some of hunny's die hard Star Wars fans also got confused by the movie), as for me... I was fighting real hard not to fall asleep. I'm seriously sorry Star Wars super fans!

Hunny was waiting for this movie (he likes Iko Uwais' movies, i tolerate them) and dragged me to the cinema to watch it. I did hear a lot of good reviews on the movie so i didn't mind. After watching it for myself, i have very mixed feelings for it. I mean... The fighting sequences are great (very bloody, very gory. As you should probably already expected from Iko), the cinematography is BEAUTIFUL, the way it is shot is super cool. One the other hand the storyline is beyond ridiculous, there are so many plot holes that sometimes i just LOL-ed at the sheer stupidity and it's very comic-bookish. I then realized that the movie is made with Japanese cinematograph, and everything makes sense. If you watch Japanese action movies (or any Japanese movies at all) you'd know how weird, OTT and detached from reality their movies can be. 

A young man is found washes ashore and nursed to health by a young doctor stationed in the island. When he wakes up, he can't remember anything, including his name. His past soon comes back to haunt him in the form of super violent ganks who wants nothing but his death without caring if anyone else got killed if they are in their way.

Go watch this movie for the fighting scenes, for Iko Uwais hot bod (i hope his wife won't hunt me down and kill me, i used to like her when she was still an active singer and i thought she's very pretty. Chubby and pretty. But after they got married i am bothered by how emotional she gets from every single thing netizen says about them, i just had to unfollow her *LOL*) and the cinematograph. Leave any sense of reality behind since the movie is ridiculously OTT from the very first scene. This is one of the thing that bothers me the most about Indonesian movies, so many guns nowadays, yet nobody seems to know how to aim. They'd waste 100 bullet on 1 guy and he'd never got shot anyway. I would like this movie 100x better if they remove all guns from it, it just made it stupider.

I remember a lot of pop fiction series pop out during Twilight's peak of popularity and i picked Fallen up, hoping to find something to fill the void i had after finishing up Twilight books. I don't know if Fallen has a cult follower, so i hope they won't attack me for saying this-i find it trying too hard to be the next Twilight (with angels instead of vampires), it's not bad... But it's not good enough for me to actually wait for the second book. Until today i have not read the sequel and i don't really care. I personally find angels to be super boring, even fallen angels *LOL*. I like the movie better though!

Luce is sent off to Sword & Cross reform school after she is accused of causing the death of a boy and of course-she sees a guy who she feels a strong connection immediately who rans off FTL and avoids her like a plague (sounds familiar??) and then there's also another guy-who's darker, and has a sense of danger with him. When the first guy ignores her, Luce finds herself getting pulled by the second guy-but of course the first guy got all mad and possessive all of a sudden (can you see me rolling my eyes real hard here). Later on Luce discovers that a group of students (including the two boys) are actually fallen angels and Daniel (the first guy) is her star crossed lover.

The movie is not bad at all, it's very cringe-worthy if you hate anything like Twilight though! Fortunately i am still a huge Twilight fan until today and i actually enjoy the whole hot guys posing, brooding and looking pained *LOLOLOL* i guess i still have that silly teenage girls inside of my aging body WTF. It's a fantasy romance, takes a certain tastes and preferences for someone to enjoy. Hunny quite enjoyed it too though (but i must warn you, he is actually a hopeless romantic, so that's probably why) so if you like OTT fantasy romance, you might enjoy this too. I just feel so old and a bit gross that i find the lead guy slightly attractive (coz he's so young) LOL.

Well this one is clearly hunny's movie. I heard about Assassin's Creed because i think hunny used to play the game too, but i know nothing about it. Watching the movie itself... It's not so bad, i did get a little bored at parts-but it's pretty entertaining for the most part.

Callum Lynch is sentenced to death by lethal injection, but instead he wakes up in a facility where his is forced to experience the memories of his ancestor who is a member of a mysterious secret society (the Assassins) whose sole purpose it to keep the Apple (you know, from Adam and Eve story) from falling into the Templar's hands. Well, that facility belongs to the modern day's Templars ofc. Callum realizes that he got so immersed in Aguilar de Nerha (his ancestor)'s memories that he is unable to separate himself from Nerha, he even possesses his knowledge and skills just by getting hooked to the machine.

I personally don't really find this kind of story line to be all that interesting, i just got too many questions in my head. Like why are the Templars so keen on the apple (and why not concentrate on the other Apple *LOL* i mean this is 2017 for goodness sake) and how sad is the Assassin's life when their sole purpose is to keep them from the Apple. What makes the Assassins so faithful? What's in it for them? And how's the Catholic church stands in this mess. I know i'm probably reading too much into it, but i can't help it coz i just got super confused and there's no answers to my questions in the movie (nor can hunny enlighten me on this matter). I would say it's not a must watch except if your boyfriend is a gamer and wouldn't miss it for the world then you should probably accompany them, it's not that bad.

Okay i never thought Chris Pratt is hot, but after watching this movie-i kinda like him! He sure is like-able, but i can finally glimpse on the why people thinks he is hot part. Oh yeah, i am supposed to talk about the movie, not the actor-but it's essential to like the lead actor since he is the only person you see about 50% of the movie!

So in that time setting of the movie, moving to other planets is a common, very safe, very normal thing to do. You don't even have to be someone special to hop and move your whole life to another planet, as long as you can pay for the expenses then you can go. Starship Avalon is on a 120 year journey to a colony planet called "Homestead Colony" and the passengers are supposed to be woken up months before they arrive. One day the starship bumped pretty badly into an asteroid (i think) and as a result, one of the sleep chambers malfunctions and wakes Jim Preston 90 years  before he is supposed to.

I really like this kind of movies! I dunno, futuristic setting without being too much (the human, the dress, the demeanor still very relatable and not ridiculous) is just an enjoyable thing to watch for me. I guess i kinda like science fiction (although whenever i heard the term science fiction somehow i think i wouldn't like the story), they can be very facinating when done right. And Passengers is definitely done right and cast very well, i'm not sure i would enjoy it as much is Mr. Pratt is not the lead actor. I mean, he is so likeable that even when i'm probably should be siding with Jennifer Lawrence (whom i  admittedly am not the biggest fan of)'s character, all i feel is like slapping her in the face for being such a bitch to him *LOL*. I like this movie a lot and i would definitely recommend it for an entertaining couple of hours.

Those are the movies we watched in December, i don't really know which one is my favorite but i love Passengers and Sing, i also enjoyed Fallen very much-and i really dislike Incarnate and Rouge One. 

What about you?
Princess #Pink :p

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