Yellow Mellow and the Galaxy

3:55:00 PM

Hey guys!

So what you've been up to lately? Me, not much-except that i am hooked on a book again. If you know me in real life, you'd know that i've always been a bookworm, but for the past year or so i haven't been reading a lot of books-want to know the reason? (Imma tell you anyway) For the first time, i found a book that broke me. It's Odd Thomas. I first heard about the movie and although it's got bad rating and we didn't get to see it, the synopsis seems quite interesting-so when i saw one of the books (just found out belatedly that it's a series) on crazy sale, i bought it. Turned out it's sooo not my kind of book. I find it extremely boring and uninteresting >.<, so bad that i cannot bring myself to finish it. Problem is, i am also the kind of person that HAS to finish one book before starting another.

BUT! Apparently when the book has another form (namely, e-book, which i've been resisting for the longest time, but every once in a while i give in, especially when i cannot find the physical book on the store/too cheap to pay when there's a free PDF available under my nose #kiasuforever), i can *LOL*, so weird. Anyway, i began reading The Ghost Bride after learning about in some website's (Creepy Corner) comment section and i've been hooked since. Story about a Chinese girl from an era long gone, about to be betrothed to a dead guy *shudder*-a supernatural story with a Chinese (the setting is in Malaysia, btw) culture background, both my favorite kinds of reading material!

Anyway, let's talk about this post finally haha. Last Saturday we went for an unexpected movie date because Little O refused to go with us (he said he was not interested in the movie i offered him *LOL*, how irritating. We were going to watch Kung Fu Panda-which he is interested in-but it turned out that the movie's not even showing yet, they're just having a pre-sale on the tix zzz) and then i saw this background (it's promoting Basha Market, actually) at the quiet part of GC, i couldn't resist asking hunny to snap a pic or two-but he was in the right mood at that time and snapped real nice pics-i ended up with enough pics for a photo series :D!
Honestly speaking, i don't think my outfit is that interesting *LOL*, plus it's a repeat because i already wore it (with different inner) to go karaoke with my blogging friends (and Silv), you know when you only wear your clothes for a short period of time-it's wiser to recycle before throwing it in the wash (think green and all-plus i'm quite gross :p)-but it matches the background well and i loveee the photos :D! All taken with hunny's Samsung Galaxy Note 4 btw, so it's not quite camera quality-but not too bad at all!
Showing you the fluffy bag charm LL gave me for my last bday :D
It was quiet enough for me to be comfortable pulling all kinds of facial expression hahaha, although i froze whenever people pass by
I think i look super mischief looking in this one, decided to embrace my chubby face and leave it alone without any attempt to slim it down hahaha
I wasn't really looking forward for an outfit photo shoot so i didn't even take decent FOTD pics, i was in the mood for some full makeup that day (what a rare day) and i love how it turned out. The only photo i took was in my room, with insufficient lighting so it turned out quite grainy, but i still love it (i guess it's one of those days when everything just goes well and you feel gorgeous-of course it was followed by a day when you feel like the grosses thing on earth, but that's okay. That's called balance hahaha).
We ended up watching London Has Fallen, since Little O's not coming anyway so might as well watch something that he shouldn't come with haha. Surprised myself for liking it so much, i didn't think the first movie was that good!
Did i say i only took one selfie? Well, i mean with the full makeup. I didn't say anything about selfie with da kung fu panda (is that little Po or something? Hunny said it looks like Little O >.<) when my lipsticks were eaten away, right?
One more because i wasn't holding it properly. Hunny's phone camera's so much better than my Iphone grrrr (but it's not very dummy proof so i am not interesting in switching phone! I only like the camera!)
Did you notice my nails, btw? That's my latest nail art by Kiki, of course. My nails are getting brittle from nonstop gel polish usage, the last straw was when my thumb's nail broke (i almost never experience nail breakage since my normal nails are super healthy and very very strong!)-i decided to swear off gel polishes for at least a month or two. I've always wanted galaxy nails so Kiki made one for me-using Momoka (Me-Nail's breathable, peelable gel polish) as the base then top it up with regular polishes.
Please ignore the white bit on my point finger, i just realized it was there after we finished taking photos >.<
From all of the nail arts Kiki did for me, this became the top two of the most liked ones in my Instagram hahaha
Btw, Galaxy Nails are a pretty simple design (at least for the expert), i know not everybody can afford Kiki's rate on a daily basis-if you have a limited budget but crave for this design, you can head to Me-Nail and ask their nailist to do it for ya! It'd cost you around IDR 150.000 only (including manicure, i'm sure)
Yes, that's the bracelet of hope (gelang harapan), i finally got mine (thank you Fika and Ika!) ^^
Hunny seriously could do no wrong that day, i loved all the pics :D! Can he has more of this mood, pretty please?
Love the whimsical, monochromatic background so much. Thinking maybe i should go back for another outfit shoot-before they get rid of it hahaha
Outfit details :
Off White Lace Top (wore as inner) : Forever 21
Colorblock pleated mini dress (way too short for me tho) : Gaudi
Pink tulle underskirt : Joop (it's so perfect for layering! I wear it so much it's actually starting to fall apart :(... I need to invest on a new one!)
Yellow Crossbody : Bonia
Grey Heels : Everbest    

LOL at my sullen expression, i forgot i need to SMILE when i wear red lipsticks in order to avoid looking like i am auditioning for an antagonist part in some crappy local sinetron
I didn't know pink can go with yellow too, it's just a combination that i never thought about before! I guess that's partly because i'm not the biggest fan of yellow... I probably have the least number or red and yellow clothes in my crazy wardrobe compared to other colors.

With that last note, i bid you adieu-for now!


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