Malaysia Trip 2015 (Part 1) : Pinang Peranakan Mansion

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Happy Sunday, y'all!

Actually this is already the second post on the Malaysia trip (you can read the first one here) but since the previous one focused on the hotel and its surrounding-i guess this can count as the proper first post?

We decided to hire a privately run car rent from the airport to the hotel the previous day (because we travel in a pretty big group, we'd need a LOT of normal taxis to fit us all+our luggage) and we were lucky enough that one of the drivers of the cars (the one that my 'rents and i got) was a very friendly Uncle (i forgot his name >.<), it's normal for such taxis in Malaysia to offer you private tours to the famous spots in the city, i saw the fliers he got and immediately got attracted to Pinang Peranakan Masion (and another one called Tunnel of Time, which i would also be blogging about later).

Since the taxi uncle is so nice, my dad decided to bargain with him to take us around the next day (and the last day to the bus station) and the first destination was, of course, Pinang Peranakan Mansion
The big family group exlcuding hunny who tok this pic
Pinang Peranakan Mansion is, basically, an old mansion which belonged to a very very wealthy family in a Peranakan style (what is Peranakan? You can learn more about it here) that is very well preserved and now opens as a museum so visitors can get a glimpse of how life was for wealthy Peranakan families in the old times. Oh, i should warn you, this is a photo heavy post-i haven't been doing such a photo heavy post for a while but this place is very interesting so i took loads and loads of pics!
Pinang Peranakan Mansion
 29, Church St, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
 +60 4-264 2929

First, you need to get yourself an entrance ticket (RM 20 for adults and RM 10 for kids under 12. Free for kids under 6)
I don't think visitors are allowed to roam around by ourselves (actually i'm not very sure about this >.<), anyway-this is the guide assigned to take us around
I felt transported to some old style movies immediately hehehe
Btw, i read in their homepage that photography and videography are prohibited, but we were strongly urged to take pictures (the guide also kept on offering to take our photos) so i guess the rule applies for commercial purposes only. Oh, you can also do take pre-wed pics here (with permission of course, and special rates i guess), we met a couple who took their prewed pics here!
Entering the dining hall first :
Mirror-ception :p

I am a very respectful person, i would never take pictures when you're clearly prohibited to, and i am also the kind that would never touch an exhibit (i get really angry when i see mannerless people does), most museum we ever go to usually forbid us to touch anything so imagine our surprise when our guided urge us to sit in the dining table *LOL*. Thanks to this, my mum then insisted on sitting on every seat-able tables we found (so we'd be as rich as the owner of this place used to be *LOLOLOL*)
Sorry, i can't help myself whenever i see a mirror
Clearly someone's feeling comfortable!
May i serve you some dimsum?
What did i tell ya? Every single table sets! LOL You'll see more!
Admiring the water fountain
Looks delice!

The family suddenly gained new family members hahaha
Then we entered a very long stretch of connected individual rooms. Parts of if had been turned into a gold store and if i remember correctly, that's the only part of the room where photography was not allowed.
Old style gold making machines are ready to be used for camwhoring purposes hehe
What an adorable little gold smith >.<
And a-not-so-little-one
Irritating duck-faces. I hope whatever ancient spirits residing in this mansion was not too annoyed at us hahaha
The next rooms were full of gold jewelries and other fortunes!
Did people wear tiara even if they're not a princess/queen back then?
Nonya kebaya
I got quite enchanted by all the golds that i took quite a lot of pics (not all of them, but a LOT, hunny also did but i forced myself to leave most of them out of this blog post already :p)
HUGE golden belts
Of course, they also collect other jewelries than golds, like jades
Antique watches
They seem to be quite fond of the color green back then eh
More goldddd
I am not particularly a fan of these old style gold jewelries, but it did occured to me the thought of melting them all together and make myself a golden... Bed? LOL something big.
Not exactly sure why people put coins there, but what people do that might invite more wealth our way, my mum would copy *LOLOLOL*, told ya kiasu max!
Hm. Wonder of they really sports blunt bangs too back then, with this kind of head piece?
The stretch is reeeeallly long!
See the wooden bed? It was used for the men to smoke opium back then
Then the funny guide told hunny and KC to lay on the bed (yes, i was quite shocked that we're allowed to sit there again!) and even gave them "opiums" LOLOLOL (made of brochures).

Found another dining table (more modern one this time, Western style!) and what do you expect? We sit and took pictures hahaha!
And sneaked a little OOTD >.<!
At the end of the stretch is a souvenir shop (there's another one near the entrance) where we bought some mementos.
Hunny found a magic lamp and when he rubbed it, Gennie KC appeared! LOL
Oops. Nice lighting, must selfie, no?
This other stretch used to be the servant's area
Shoes collection
We can see what style was in back then, yea?
It leads to the kitchen area :
This is a real functioning store!
Selling old style stuffs including these powders!
Ma little chef
Was quite shocked when Little O opened the fridge and there are stuffs in it, it's still in use *LOLOLOL*. Little O is notorious for touching, fiddling and opening EVERYTHING within sight, he just can't keep his hands off things it's really annoying!!!
Afterwards, we were taken to the side of the mansion.
Going through a narrow alley
To the Ancestral Temple
This area has a very different aura than the rest of the mansion, it's quieter... A bit spooky too, to be totally honest with ya.
Didn't stay there long (especially my scaredy mum who kept on nagging us to move on) and onto the next section we went!
You need to take off your footwear to go to the second floor and you also have to walk up the stairs slowly (it's old, people)
I personally love the second floor, it feels very homey and reminds me of some older relatives houses we went to when i was little!
If i remember correctly, this area is the wives (yes, plural) area and this is one of the bedrooms
I did find the old gowns (they're TINY. I can imagine how small women of the family were!) laying on the old beds totally spooky. Like they were waiting for their owner to come back anytime
The vanity table
CL mentioned how the perfumes they were using are those perfumes we use on deceased people now >.<

There's a room dedicated for a collection of china ware and lamps
And there's also a set of chairs which according to the guide was used for courting purposes. When the lovebirds first met, they should not even look at each other, then slowly they'd hold hands hihihi. Here's KC and CL demonstrating it for ya hahaha.
And then you can kisss hahaha
Hunny forced me to take some pics too but i couldn't stop laughing >.<
Hunny strikes a pose *LOL*
Wedding chamber
The guide showing us how they could guess the gender the newlywed's first child with these chickens hahaha
Then we went back down.
When she saw this jade table set, she also insisted on sitting there hahaha
The guide led us to the gambling room
The gamblers :)))
Little O and Au found their long lost friend *LOL*
And that picture marks the end of this post! What do you think of the place? Interesting, right? We went to some interesting temples next, please look forward to the next post!


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  1. Wih seru! Ditunggu part selanjutnyaaa

    1. Jgn lupa baca the rest of the series yaaa :D

  2. Desain interiornya bener2 menunjukan budaya peranakan ya Mbak, bagus :)