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Hello hello :D!

Sorry for posting sponsored posts back to back (i'm not sure why i'm apologizing since this is my blog and i should be able to post whatever i want *LOL*), but i need to get (most of them) done before i can leisurely post nonsense again! This one is especially backdated! 

You probably have noticed me repeatedly mentioning my talented nail artist friend Kiki Coroline (whom i like to affectionately call Kiki Kweeee, much to her annoyance hahahaha), she is also the talent behind this awesome nail blog. But long gone are the days when she only has her own nails to play with since she is now a respected nail artis/designer who has lots of clients raving about the awesomeness of her creations (me included! Although i am not technically a client la hahaha. More like... a victim i guess? Hahahah. A willing one!).
So Kiki had been asking me to let her play around with my nails for a while now, we finally set up a date... In late July. WTF. Very backdated indeed, this nail art was done for Little O's Bday (which i also haven't blogged about *sigh*) so it's gonna have to be cute enough for a kid's birthday party!

FYI, a nail session with Kiki can be done in her studio (around Kinibalu area, Surabaya. Exact location would only be given upon appointment ^^) or in Me-Nail Klampis. Since my place is nearby Me-Nail Klampis (Kiki is the resident nail artist in Me-Nail, among her other titles hahaha. She's one busy lady), i decided to get my nails done there.
Sorry for my super un-glam sitting position. I had no choice. L really needs to get rid of that stoopit desk ASAP zzzz
I still had my old gel nail art on so Kiki helped me took them off first :
Then she gave me a very thorough basic manicure, she cleaned my cuticle (very very obsessively, let me tell you. While complaining about how dry they are. Talk about perfectionist!) until they're pretty much perfect and gave me some strengthening serum (because i demand so. My nails' been gelled back to back to back, i really think they need the serum although Kiki said they're still very strong and i have nothing to worry about *stare darkly*).
Some of the stuffs she prepared for this session. Notice the small round jars?
I was really surprised when Kiki told me they're gel polishes! I have never seen this type of gel polish before, they're not even in the normal varnish-liquid form and must be used with... soak off solution? Or was it cleanser? Sorry lah, my knowlegde of the nail world is limited at best haha. I died when i saw those CUTE pastel colors, DIE I TELL YOU!!! #hysterical
Since the gel polish comes in a pot with no brush, one must use a special nail art brush to apply them
And must apply them very thinly (Kiki used several coats to reach the desirable opaqueness)
Okay, let's take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness of this UV lamp. Seriously, just lamp need to be so chio meh? Kawaii much!!!
Since Kiki is a nail artist with result that surpass normal nailist' works, her rate is obviously higher than normal nail salons. But i promise you, she's worth it! LOL. Her work is totally meticulous, flawless and awesome! Not saying this because i am sponsored or because i know her personally, but because she really is awesome okay! She's probably the best nail artist that i know of. You know those crazy nail arts on Pinterest or Instagram (i act like i know Pinterest. I don't)? She can easily replicate them. That's how good she is.

Other than the fact that her work is better, she also use better accessories to apply on your nail art, if you want to go for those bling bling look? She uses swarovzki, how do you expect to pay dirt cheap for that kind of quality, i ask?

Here are some of the accessories she brought that day :
We chatted a lot while Kiki's working on my nails so i didn't even realize how much time has passed, only my almost-broken back (thanks to that stoopit desk zzz. Yes, i really hate that desk!!!) disagree though. It was almost 3 hours *gasp*. You need to be patient if you want a flawless result okay! Kiki wanted to do a kawaii Japanese nail art for me to *ahem* suit my style, she said.
The result
No, seriously. How cute are they????
Must... camwho... with them...
Sorry, one more. And yes, that long strand of hair really was annoying, i chopped it off FTL
A sharper image taken in the car under natural sunlight
I can safely say that it's the absolute fave nail art design i've ever had so far! 

While you might think that much detailed nail art is too much for everyday life (not to mention pricey. But a good nail art can last up to a month in my experience, so actually it's still worth it!), you cannot deny that they're a perfect companion for your special days. Namely wedding! Kiki also specializes in beautiful wedding nail arts (if i'm not mistaken her rate starts from IDR 350.000 for gel nail art. The crazier you want it, the more expensive it will become-naturally) for your very special day, let me show you some of her works :
Sexy red
OHHHHHHH this SOOOOO up my alley! Pink, flowers, bows... SO PWEETYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Or if you're more into rocker chic
Oh so pweettyyyy T.T
Or you maybe want to try out the latest trend, water globe nail art?
Don't worry if you have tiny finger nails, Kiki can magically make your nails long and sexy with sculpting technique!
Hnh. Seriously. I feel like there's nothing that she can't do when it comes to nails! You can browse for her other works in her Instagram, i've already linked it up in the beginning of the post!

Thank you so much Kiki Kweee for the uber cute nail art, let's do it again soon hohohoho!

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