Eye Stories 15 : X2 Sanso Color in Pearl (SPONSORED)

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Hellooo ^^!

#Pink is suddenly being productive again as i am back with another review, it's a rare one this time : contact lenses :D! 
I am reviewing X2's new product, Sanso Color!
If you are contact lenses wearer then X2 should be a familiar name for you because as far as i know, X2 is one of the most popular contact lenses especially in Indonesia. I personally been wearing contact lenses since junior high school (so yeah, almost 20 years can you believe that :))...) and i have used my fair share of X2 contacts in my time, X2 actually used to be my favorite contact lenses brands but i did venture out and try out other brands - i am glad to know that X2 is still totally relevant, that they keep on innovating and coming out with new products as well. I stated this over and over again, for me contact lenses is so much more than just fashion/aesthetic, for me contact lenses are a NEED. So yeah, i was super happy when X2 reached out to me and sent me this new X2 Sanso Color variant ^^.
X2 Sanso Color comes in a very pretty pale pink cardboard box that is definitely bigger and thicker than contact lenses boxes that i am used to
Information on the product, and yes... i am -6.00 on both eyes, blind as a mole -___-
Sanso is made in Korea!
The sight that greets you as soon as you open the box up, it's bigger than normal because they have two tiers to house the blister packs and the other one a free contact lenses holder
What's inside the package
Even the blister packs are super pretty with the flowery pattern, everything about this line feels very kawaii and girly - i like!
The shade that i got is called Pearl
Pearl is a very pale grey shade with hazelly inner rim
Honestly when i first saw the shade, i was super intimidated. I mean... I LOVE colored contact lenses and i wear most color with confidence (i even wear pink contact lenses happily), but i don't think i've ever tried anything this pale! Plus i am used to enlarging contact lenses with outer ring that makes my eyes look super dolly and big while Sanso Pearl has no outer ring, insecurity flocked all over me for sure!
But as soon as i put it on, i was mesmerized
I actually really like how it looks on me. I have the typical dark brown eyes most East Asian have, and that helps the contact lenses to be more lively and not as light as i thought it would be. Don't get me wrong though, it is still very light and not for the faint hearted, but it is very pretty and surprisingly wearable. 
I love how cool it makes my entire face look, although it sure doesn't help my RBF by any means *LOL*
I am definitely a huge fan of X2 Sanso now, it is available in 5 shades in total and i really want to try out every single shade now! If you are not into colored lenses, Sanso is also available in Clear
XS Sanso Color is made from silicone hydrogel hybrid material that can deliver 80% oxygen so your eyes stay healthy. One thing that's a deal breaker for me  when it comes to contact lenses : comfort. If the contact lenses aren't comfortable, no matter how pretty they are i won't be reaching out for them, let alone repurchasing them. I've been wearing X2 Sanso for a few weeks and they're super comfortable even when i wear them for long hours, no irritation or any other problem arises - thumbs up for them!

I am not sure how much X2 Sanso costs but i know for sure that X2 is a very affordable brand so i would say that they would not break your bank haha! Please please please be careful when it comes to contact lenses, i know there are a lot of replica products out there - they can copy the pattern and make their counterfeit products look similar,  but the quality would never be the same as the original product as they would not be using the real Silicone Hydrogel that would make the product more costly. Your eyes are super important obviously, i personally always stay far away from replica products and unreliable sellers - please get your contact lenses only from credible sources! Jeopardizing your sight is not worth saving a few bucks...

My experience with X2 Sanso is totally a success and i would happily buy them with my own money so i would not hesitate to recommend this product to everybody ^^ whether you need them to see (if you're as blind as me) or you just want to accessorize your eyes.

Thank you X2 for the chance to try out your lovely product!

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  1. Aku juga pernah pakai yang varian pearl ini juga, harganya sekitar 120an waktu aku beli. Nyaman banget dipakenya, warnanya juga suka ♡


  2. Aku juga suka banget sama X2 Sanso ini, super duper nyaman dipakai berjam-jam, tanpa kering dan iritasi. Warna fave aku onyx, radiance dan pearl ❤


  3. btw, ce mindy makin lama makin cantik ya.

    X2 tuh soflent pertama kali yg aku pake ini soflentsnya setipe ama nobluk enggak sih? mirip bgt dahhh