Scent-O-Logy 04 : Emina Body Mist in Indian Summer and Rain Forest

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Hello guys!

I've been missing for quite a bit again, haven't i :(... I took a break during Chinese New Year to celebrate with my family (i planned to blog a bit about our celebration but honestly at the moment i am in no mood to share about my personal life...) and then i got super busy again! By busy i am not exaggerating, sometimes i have to cram six different meetings into a day (and this happened multiple times!). I know that i should probably try to slow down a bit, it's just that i don't know how! I enjoy being busy although sometimes it stresses me out so much, but my brain just doesn't know how to stop swirling...

Anyway, let's wrap up the rambling and get on with the post!

Surabaya Beauty Blogger's Soiree is now a truly regular thing and this month one of our sponsors is Emina Cosmetics ^^. As you might already know if you're a regular in this blog, i love Emina Cosmetics! Granted, they are actually catered towards teenagers and young women, and i am well into my womanhood *LOL* but their aesthetic totally matches mine (as i love anything kawaii!) so who cares, imma continue using their products coz they are nice :D! So anyway, i was very happy when Emina agreed to collaborate with us!

In the goodie bag they kindly provided for us, there are a few products but the stars are obvious, it is their newest product : Body Mists!

Emina Body Mists
They are so new they are still under "coming soon" in their own website :)).

Emina Body Mist is available in four scents : Indian Summer, Rain Forest, Pixie Dust and Ocean Mist. Inside each goodie bag, there is a set of two body mists and i got the Indian Summer and Rain Forest. Olin got the other set and i had a sniff of her Pixie Dust, which is a very cheery, fruity scent and i like it a LOT! I don't remember how Ocean Mist smells but i remember sniffing it at the event and it also smells really good T.T, i want the other set too now...

But for now let us talk about the two that i got!
Emina Body Mists in Indian Summer and Rain Forrest
All Emina Body Mists come in a slim plastic bottle that is very sturdy and doesn't feel flimsy or cheap. Each bottle contains 80ml of product. I don't really know how much they retail, but i'm sure they are pretty affordable.

One thing that i notice immediately when i gave the bottle a sniff is that they smell pretty strong and heavy, they also has a superb staying power (usually body mists would only last an hour or so before the scent fades and you have to reapply) - i personally feel like Emina Body Mists are almost like eau de toilette because it's so strong (this is a very positive thing, if you're wondering). I find they stay for hours on myself (more than 3 to 4 hours) and i don't often feel the need to reapply.
Emina Body Mist in Indian Summer
As you can see from the description, they claim Indian Summer to be part sweet (but in the Indonesian part they claim it to be citrusy, so honestly i am a bit confused because we all know citrus scents are tangy and not sweet :))...) and green - well, for me it smells deep, mature, a little bit musky and dare i say - even a little sexy. This scent is almost unisex because of how spicy it is. 

Is is a warm scent and i prefer to wear it out at night because it's definitely a night time kind of scent (i do think it can be a bit cloying during the day) and to be totally honest, this scent surprised me a lot because it doesn't seem to suit their bright, teenage-friendly persona.

Indian Summer is growing on me, because truth be told - i wasn't a huge fan when i first smell it. I am much more of a fruity scent type of girl so the deep, sensual scent was a bit much for me at first - but after wearing it out the whole day, i like it more and more.

If you are someone who is into sexy, smoldering, warm scent, i totally recommend you to check this out coz you might love it. Olin really likes this variant btw.
Emina Body Mist in Rain Forest
Now, Rain Forest on the other hand, is totally up my alley. It's partly fruity and partly floral (i am not a fan of floral scents mainly, but when infused with fruity scents i can enjoy them) and whole lotta lovely! I'm not gonna name names, but the scent totally reminds me of one of my favorite perfume brand which is an international brand and costs arms and legs :)). 

Actually i think this scents is still slightly more mature than their demographic, but i am definitely not complaining and if you are a fan of cheery, fruity scents - i encourage you to give Rain Forrest a sniff, you might fall in love with it like i do!

If you are a teenager (or have a very young taste - there's nothing wrong with that okay, i do too) and these two are slightly too mature smelling for you, i recommend you check out Pixie Dust instead because out of the four, it is the lightest, brightest, "youngest" (if that can be used to describe a scent) variant and it is super lovely too!

I personally LOVE Emina's Body Mists and currently keep on reaching for them. Usually when i am out the whole day to events, i would wear heavy perfumes because body mists would evaporate even before i reach the venue *LOL* but these body mists are on another level altogether. Although they are definitely not as strong as actual eau de toilette or anything, they are still a LOT stronger than your regular body mists and if i go out all day i would only feel the need to reapply once in the entire day - that's saying a lot for body mists!

Like i mentioned earlier, they are still very new so they are not very easy to find yet, but i'm sure they will be available in Sociolla soon. In the meantime, if you are planning to buy anything from Emina Cosmetics (or other brands) you can use my code in Sociolla, it's SBNLAIB9 btw!
Thank you Emina for the chance to be one of the firsts to try out these lovely Body Mists, can you send me the other two scents now? LOL.

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