Japan Trip 2017 : Part 7 (Kiyomizu Dera)

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We're getting to close to wrap up my Japan Trip, excited excited :D!!!

As the title suggested, we visited Kiyomizu Dera that day but before we proceed with this post let me warn you first that this post is very self-centred and almost narcissistic *LOLOLOL*, be ready of endless selfies and #OOTD type of photos because we actually rented kimonos and we just couldn't stop taking photos.

If you read my Hanbok blog post then you'd know already that dressing up in traditional clothing of the country that i visit is not something that i would even consider myself before. I dunno, i guess i'm cheap/too self conscious to do it if there are not enough of companions to do it with me but it's simply not something that i was ever interested in before. But CL is very enthusiastic when it comes to this kind of thing and she insisted on renting kimono so i decided to join in (even though the cost of rental is enough for me to feel like kicking someone on the head). I didn't regret it, it was a very interesting experience and i actually felt very pretty in my baby pink kimono (what color do you expect me to wear?) and surprisingly loved my hairdo (even though i usually feel very anxious without a full layer of curtain hair to protect me against the world) too so... i couldn't stop taking selfies that day. 

So, disclaimer done, let's go!
#Pink 's little family all dressed up in Kimono at Kiyomizu Dera, we can definitely pass as a local family, yes?
So, i don't know the name of the kimono rental place (CL took care of that, if you don't know yet CL is very systematic and organized, when you go on a trip with her you can just leave everything to her and go *LOLOLOL*, granted she might make you wake up at the crack at dawn and return to the hotel at midnight!) but i'm guessing it's dime a dozen in Japan and they bound to be pretty similar to each other (just google'em, that's how CL found this one anyway :p).

Before this, i've never been to any proper traditional clothing rental place so i didn't know what to expect, honestly this first experience totally set the bar up for me because it's in Japan and we all know how organized, proper and neat everything are over there! After experiencing this rental place, the Hanbok rental place was very all over the place and messy in comparison! 

So in this Kimono rental (and i'm guessing it's pretty similar in most kimono rentals) you are first led to a very crowded room filled with endless kimono and people. I don't remember if i took any photo, i think i did but i lost most of my mundane photos because i took them on my Iphone since it was still my main phone back then :(. Here they would led you to your sizes (again, i am huge for an Asian girl *and by huge i am an M by international standard* so i was led to the bigger sized kimonos but the choices are still pretty extensive. 

They would then put everything in a basket (you also can get extra accessories, at an extra cost ofc) and go to the cashier to pay.

Next you would be directed to another floor, male and female totally separated (the rental is located in a shop house, but unlike One Day Hanbok, they actually occupied the whole shop house and they have different station in each floor) where you line up (sitting down, so no worries) for them to dress you up. Obviously i am not meant to take photos in changing rooms but since it was winter and we're wearing our thermal wear, i decided to sneak a photo :p
They are very VERY efficient okay, they have a lot of attendants so they would dress about 8 or 10 ladies at one go! Kimono has so many fabric and layers, they are also thick so even though we didn't wear any extra coat we were actually quite warm the whole day!
I don't remember if the kimono rental includes the hairdo (there isn't any option for hairdo in One Day Hanbok, btw), but they do provide hairdos with various prices and we got the basic ones. I got mine mostly curled and half of it up, it was done in a matter of minutes WTH, Japanese efficiency is something that i really do admire! I ended up buying a cute flower hairpin that costs me 910 Yen (not that i remember the price exactly, but i actually wrote it down in an IG post that i checked hahaha), it pains my heart but i figured that i might not do this anymore in the future so might as well go go all out hahaha.

While we waited to be dressed and getting our hair done, they boys took less than half the time we took to get ready so they were already fully dressed and spent their time waiting for us by
Taking photos of themselves. Not sure whom they asked to take this photo btw
LOL, KC was teasing my mum and sent this pic to our family's WA group telling her that Little O was captured by the police. The kindly gentleman is clearly a security guard lah haha
When we were finally ready to rejoin them, they were already in the middle of lunch *LOLOLOL*.
I was more interested in taking selfies
With AU
Some photos of the food they ordered : 
Meattttt.... weirdly i wasn't interested back then but now i am drooling!!!
Acting chio. I was wearing very minimal makeup because as you know, i prefer to sleep in during my travels than put on makeup :)) this annoys me tho coz i look pale in a lot of the photos *sigh*
These two are always crazy hahaha
OMG, i love the ringlets they made! 
We decided to take taxis (i don't remember why, but i think it was more efficient and cost effective compared to taking the usual public transportations, plus it was really hard to walk in the sandals they made us walk in. I cannot imagine how Japanese walk in real geta!!!) to Kiyomizu Dera.
And i continued taking selfies in the taxi HAHAHAHHA
And one with Little O who wasn't amused
It wasn't long until we arrived at Kiyomizu Dera.
The uphill street to the actual temple is littered with souvenir stores
Doesn't get anymore Japanese than this, yea?
Little O and Koko MT. Little O has grown so much in just one year, it makes me feel sad that he is growing up so quickly T.T
Full OOTD. Ugh, the thermal underwear is unsightly but we might freeze to death if we took them off hahahah
Back when my bleached hair is still a long part of my hair haha
Again, i did take a few photos of the actual place and details using my Iphone, clearly they are forever gone now ZZZZZZZZZ.
Boys will be boys, yea?
The place is breath taking tho
Frienemies hahaha
Took an OOTD for hunny
And my pint sized Japanese man
With KC. Arghhh i was holding my Iphone grrrr, i still feel angry whenever i see a photo of it WTF
Not going to try to explain this and then butchering it because it'd be very disrespectful 
The place is just gorgeous to take photos at

I am trying my best to show off my 910 yen hair clip okay *LOL*
The background makes this selfie look surreal haha, definitely #nofilterneeded
I'm sorry, did warn you already about the selfies
I am annoyed at how pale i look tho, did i even wear lipstick?
Ofc we made a beeline to the water... which apparently comes from Otawa Waterfall and each stream has a different benefit, we really didn't know anything about this back then tho we just followed CL's instruction-which i cannot even remember anymore ofc hahahaha. Should've done more research before going :

Then we found a restaurant -___- ofc we stopped again what do you expect from them...
KC made me pose liddis :
Dunno why they cluttered up at the menu board
The restaurant is open spaced and tatami style

Wefie with da group
AU acting demure haha

I guess they ordered soba...
The only way hunny is getting an obedient wife : it's just in a fantasy/fake photoshoots *LOLOLOL*
I fell in love with this doll, but i just can't justify buying it because i am not even collecting dolls!
So i just quickly took a selfie with it :p
More self centred photos...
Wah this one really got a feel eh, hahaha
And then we returned to the rental and get back into our own clothes :)).

Had okonomiyaki for dinner, can't find the DIY version so we get the obasan made it for your instead :
Food photos are gone alongside my Iphone, ARGHHHH
And with that, i am wrapping this post! I think i only have one or two posts left of Japan and then we can move on! Yaiy!


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  1. beneran keliatan kaya org Jepang ci hihi.
    Gemesh jadi pingin kesana dan pakai Kimono juga *aminn hahaha. Abisnya warna kimononya cantik-cantik bangett.