Surabaya Beauty Blogger's 1st Anniversary

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This blog post is super special for me because it's about Surabaya Beauty Blogger's 1st Anniversary, KYAAAA!!!
Surabaya Beauty Blogger squad-almost full squad minus 5 members who couldn't attend :(
Not only this event is super duper special because Surabaya Beauty Blogger is obviously like my own baby, but also because i decided to grab two capable friends (who are also members so i knew they would do their best) as decor team/comittee and handle the whole thing ourselves! I was super nervous on the days leading to this big day (so stressed that the night before, i suddenly woke up at 3 AM and couldn't go back to sleep until like, 5 -___-) because it's the very first event where i actually fully handled myself so i kept on forgetting little, very important details T.T. 

A lot of stuffs were done a few days before the D day, in panic *LOL*-Not only that, there were also quite some troubles that mainly revolves around our venue (we weren't even sure where the event was going to be held suddenly less than 2 weeks before the big day when we got news that our original venue suddenly changed their policy!). But i can safely say that the event was a total success and we had so so SOOO MUCH fun! 

I would normally take pictures of behind the scenes so i can blog about it like i did Woman Trunk (btw, i decided not to blog about the actual Woman Trunk event *LOL* coz it's already so stale and you can read all about it in our official bloggers' blogs anyway, i think my behind the scene post is already enough to give you vibes of the actual event!) but i guess i had too much going on in mind brain that it didn't occur to me until now >.<.
Our official banner made by our graphic designer, Dyta
Redha and Gita were our official decor team/event comittee and they were already at our venue (Muttonbird Bistro & RooftopJalan Dr. Ir. H. Soekarno No.104, Kedung Baruk, Rungkut, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60298) setting up stuffs when i arrived. What surprised me was that Lilies and her team from WomanBlitz were also already there helping up T.T, i am super duper touched because we didn't even ask her to come early, Lilies just showed up and threw herself in this event like it was her own! Thank you Lies, i love you with all my heart! (Btw, they featured us in an article about this event, check it out here!)
Redha manning up the reception area, btw the comittee and i decided that our dress code should be hot pink and/or black, like our logo!
And in case you're wondering why the tones of the photos can be different from each other, it's because my girls kindly shared photos that they snapped of the event so we can all use them. As one of the PICs of the event, i hardly had time to snap pics because i was super busy handling things! So credit to all SBB members who attended!
One of the cause of stress for me, i almost forgot to order these placates for our main sponsors! And when they were done, there were a LOT of spelling mistakes and words missing so they had to redo it, even the final product made me a little unhappy but at least they're still super cute!

One of our main sponsors is Face2Face Cosmetics
I'm positive that most of the gorgeous flat lays were taken by Chelshea haha, because who else, ya know?
I didn't even know when Redha snapped this, she said it's a proof that i was working *LOL*
Look at how cute Redha look, very Chun Li-ish
Btw, i also ordered round tulle hair clips (made by my friend Silv) for us all to wear! I want the party to be very girly and kawaii because it is a beauty community, rite!

For the decor, i wanted it to be cute, girly and simple because the venue is already so gorgeous by itself. 
I wanted to mainly play with balloons and tulles, but we didn't know that the venue was going to be a semi outdoor one (because we planned for the previous venue and there's simply no time to change our plan) with super strong winds so... A lot of the balloons that were supposed to be scattered on the floor were blown away *LOLOLOL*
I dubbed Claresta (this girl has a real talent, i totally plan to make her MC in our next events hahaha) and Gita the MCs of the day (i kinda forced them to hahaha, thank you for agreeing to this :))) and in turn, they forced me to make a speech FML.

One of the special person that i just had to call up and give a token of appreciation is pretty obvious
It's Lilies from WomanBlitz. Most of you might already know that she is the one who encouraged me to take the plunge and really made SBB official, she even let us share her limelight and launch our website at Womanblitz's relaunch event last year

Then because we had quite a few new members (we also invited some SBB friends who are influencers who always help us out, sponsors and also giveaway winners who are our followers) who might not be very familiar with SBB comittee, i dragged them up too haha
The event continues with the first session by Me-Nail
Conducted by boss lady a.k.a my cousin L
In this session, L taught all the attendants how to apply fake nails correctly.
LOL at how creative Shelvi was being with the hairclip
Foods were also started to be served... There were quite a number of different menus available but i didn't keep track coz i always find it hard to swallow during my own events... Anyone else like that?
Chelshea remembered to snap a pic of the pizza and the fried something2 *LOL* (not a food blogger, remember)
Second session was a short presentation by Clariskin to introduce their new service, Face Reading
Presented by dr. Dewi
With face reading, you can actually upload your photos and ask for an online consultation with Clariskin's doctors on suggestions to improve your facial features. Our close up pics were taken and once the result is out, we'll let you know!
With doctor Ivan, head of Clariskin
The last session was F2F's, first up was a fun game where participants had to apply lipstick and lipliner using their opposite hand and Insta Story at the same time!

They also gave introductions on their newest products (which they kindly gifted to us all in the goodie bag), eye shadow booster and perfect creamy eyebrow!
They also gave a little demo on the Perfect Creamy Eyebrow
Props to Claresta who went all out and threw herself fully in, volunteering to be the model as well :))
With rep from F2F, Ms. Ida
That last session marked the end of the event! But that doesn't mean we all went home immediately... No no, we mingle, munch some more, snap pics, laughed, and made memories ^^
My silly, wonderful husband who always has my back
Mandatory pic at the photo spot :)

Getting photobombed nonstop by hunny :))
In case you're wondering, Cyn is one of the SBB friends ofc haha. She's almost an honorary member, really
SBB Comittee Squad

We didn't actually plan to wear the same top, but hot pink is not really our color and we happen to have the same (discounted) Zara cropped too and we all planned to wear it so... This happens :)). Cyn annoyingly pointed out that we looked like a dangdut trio, it keeps on repeating on my head ever since WTF
My OOTD for the day... I had to rush home and changed my top, heels and bag because i had to attend hunny's relative's wedding (out of town!!!) afterwards

Now, let me show you the goodies from our beloved sponsors!
Most wonderful bunch of happiness by F2F :))! I plan on trying out and review the eyeshadow booster first
Official SBB t-shirt by AHA! Products , i will be styling it and take lots of pics soon
From Me-Nail
Samples from QL Cosmetic
Vouchers from Khana Spa, Kabinet Coffee Co Ngagel and Serai Reflexology

We couldn't stop talking about our special event for days, i believe all the members who attended share the same feeling as me! I'm super proud of us! I hope we will continue to grow and stay strong together until we celebrate or 20th anniversary and more!

Thank you so much for all the sponsors who made this event possible and to all members, comittee, decor team and MC for selflessly made this event successful!

I love you all so so SO much!

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  1. selamat ulang tahun semoga sukses selalu

  2. Wow, much fun!
    How can the three of u wear the same top.
    The goodies make me drooling and the hair clips are soo cuteee..

    1. Haha yes, we don't mind tho, we like to be matchy2 :D

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