Event Report : PIXY Express Your Truly Asian Beauty

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Hellooooowww everybody :D!

It's yet another busy busy month for me, packed with events-and one that i am about to share with you today is pretty fresh because it went down yesterday on Saturday, September 9th 2017 and it's PIXY Express Your Truly Asian Beauty in Royal Plaza.
With my fellow Surabaya Beauty Blogger, lifestyle bloggers, my lovely Julie and PIXY team (please excuse my meh face, you can only take so many pictures of me before i start going meh)
As you can see from the group photo, dress code was up my alley : Baby pink and baby blue! (even though for some reasons people kept on accusing my top to be white -___-. It's not! It's a very pale, pale pink) and because PIXY is know for their youthful vibe, i went a little carried away with my accessories (including pink and blue hair clips *LOL*) since i tried to go simpler in the outfit area (i simply didn't think it's a very good idea to dress myself in my usual tutu skirts to Royal Plaza >.<).
Btw, i don't think i need to introduce PIXY anymore, do i? It's definitely one of the most famous affordable brand in Indonesia (which is under Mandom so it's actually a Japanese brand but catered and focused mostly for Indonesian), i've heard about this brand ever since i was little (which is a very long time ago haha) but i only began using their products in the past year or so and i like them all a lot!!! My current two way cake is PIXY and it's lovely! I also went to the event wearing mostly PIXY makeups (because that's how i roll haha) and you'll see it later on in this post.
Reception area
Going in the super spacious event area
The set up was very elaborate, neat and nice! I love love love the vanity, the lighted up long mirror is da bomb for mirror selfies and just look at the bench mimicking PIXY Lip Cream's box! So ADORBS!
Everything is in pastel pink and blue, made my heart super happy because you know that i really am a Fairy Kei kind of gal inside haha
There were booths where customers can purchase PIXY products with discounts during the exhibition
Not long afterwards, the MC opened the event

In our tables there were already boxes of lovely goodies waiting for each and every one of us *SQUEAL*, the most anticipated one is definitely this :
Full set of PIXY Lip Cream's new shades : 07 Vintage Rose, 08 Delicate Pink, 09 Glam Coral, 10 Sweet Coco, 11 Gaudy Orange, 12 Mild Peach
I am a lippie junkie and i've heard nice things about PIXY lip creams (I haven't tried them before, but i obviously have by now! In fact i am going to share my review on these lip creams in just a few days!) so i was E.X.C.I.T.E.D!
Welcome speech by PIXY's rep
Since PIXY provided products on our table for us to play with, as beauty bloggers it's definitely impossible to resist :).
Er. Hoprefully Zendy (she's one of our newest SBB members) won't kill me for posting this this :)))

One of the perks on this event is that PIXY brought a personal friend of mine, a famous Japanese influenced beauty blogger Miharu Julie ^^
Julie shared with us about the start of her blogging career (i didn't even know Julie started blogging in 2009! That's like a 3 full years before i started my own blog here) and she also shared some super useful tips and tricks on how to expand our followers and stuffs.
Before Surabaya, PIXY also held a blogger workshop in Medan
Julie's fave PIXY Lip Cream shade is Gaudy Orange
Next up is a beauty workshop with professional MUAs, there's also PIXY's brand ambassador 
Another fun part? Is the makeup challenge :)). We were asked to make a group of three, wear different shades of PIXY lip cream (in pink, coral and brown family) and snap a pic together for Instagram.
My group consists of Nessya, Oline and myself-ofc (i was wearing 08 Delicate Pink, btw)

An extra pic taken by Olin earlier before the event started, i was not really wearing PIXY lip cream yet but i was wearing their Silky Fit lipstick. Like i mentioned earlier, i was wearing mostly PIXY makeup that day, the blue eyeliner is a total dream!
Was pretty (pleasantly) surprised when the MC announced the Makeup Challenge winner and our photo showed up in the big screen :))
With Fika and another lifestyle blogger who both won best live IG report. Really can't beat lifestyle bloggers when it comes to live reporting haha, bbloggers are just too spoilt sometimes :p
Won some Sodexo vouchers, yaiy!

With that the event was a wrap! 
Oh yeah, at their exhibition you can also find a VR station and also a Purikura booth

With cutie pieee, gotta meet up again next month!!!
Before i go, let me show you what's inside the other goodie bag! (and don't forget to stay tuned for the lip creams review!)
It's totally packed! Thank you PIXY!

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  1. Spot my name in one of the caption. Zoom zoom zoom and... okay. Lemme take it in a positive way. I was praying while everyone was busy touching up for make up challenge. Sounds so innocent, no? 😎😁

  2. Huwaaaa kapan di Jogja ada event gini. Duh mupeng banget!

  3. Ceeeee kita bisa aja menang kalo sinyalnyanya seimbang! Itu kemarin aku upload pake wifinya lho failed terus 😐 Akhirnya pake paketan sendiri, berasa di gua. Upload IG aja pake loading 😤

    1. LOL, tp biasanya kalo live IG report itu mrk ngitung pemenangnya kape algorythmn and slm ini yg menang plg byk emg lifestyle blogger, that's why i said that

  4. Akkkk mau lipcreamnya :( kenapa sih di Bandung ga ada acara seru kayak gini huhuhuuu