Event Report : Celebrate Life with Puraforma

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Back again with more exciting event report! 

Today's event report is all about Puraforma and organized by our favorite partner, WomanBlitz!
SBB members with Puraforma doctors and Lilies of WomanBlitz!
So the event went down on the 18th and i couldn't blog earlier, sorry about that!
In case you never heard of Puraforma before, Puraforma Clinic is different than what your stereotypical beauty clinic because they focus more on your body (and health) than face. Their three main treatments are all about Slimming, Detox and Rejuvination. In short, if you want a sexier, slimmer, healthier body-then this is the place to go to.
Dr. Fanny from Puraforma and Lilies (WomanBlitz) opened the event that evening
Theme of the event was to celebrate life with Puraforma, how to have a full and fulfilling life-and that should start with a healthy body
As it's still kinda the start of the new year (ish), most of us would have new year's resolutions
And all the resolutions come back to one thing : to be happy. Which is totally true, ofc
Then they touched on the growing problem of modern society, which is Obesity. Obesity nowadays can be seen as a disease, an epidemic that is spreading all around the world
Dr. Hendy from Puraforma continued with the presentation. He also gave his testimony as a former obese person
We learned about two types of fat and how to get rid of them
This is why women are so much mushier than men -___-
Is it just me, but the below 10% fat for men is way too scary >.<
It's important to really know what you want, and be really committed because the doctors can only do so much for you-you really need to start with yourself! If you really want to lose weight for instance, 50% of the work is at home and the rest can be helped by the doctors. Reality is harsh, there is no such thing as an overnight result, you can't go on eating all those craps and then expect a wonderful result just by going to the clinic!
They also introduced this 24 days fat loss program (which in my opinion is very reasonably priced for such a complete package) that includes many things (not just a slimming treatment)
What i really like about Puraforma is how they cover all bases. They don't just say... Jab you with needles and shove machines to your face, but they really want to help you adopt a better lifestyle starting from what to eat and get you to move. 

I'm not gonna lie with you, you know how i am always very honest in this blog and i don't plan to change. I think most women are not entirely happy with their bodies (even super models with amazing bods find flaws in their bodies alright!), it took me years to finally be at peace with my body. I accept and love myself the way i am, but that doesn't mean that i am not trying to better myself too. Do i want to be skinnier? Hell yes. But do i think i am less attractive because i am not a size 0? Hell NO. 

So even though i am introducing you to this slimming clinic, trust me when i say that i am not by any means telling you that you need to be skinny to be beautiful. But health is important, and it is a fact that when you're very overweight, your health can be compromised. I am forever advocating a positive body acceptance, and i will never judge anyone from how much they weight. But i know there are people who wants to lose weight very badly and don't know where to start. I hope this post can help shed the light to those who are looking for help.
Instead of a "sweet corner", they have what i call a "healthy corner" with balanced snack and healthy drinks. They even have non-alcoholic wine and stuffs. I totally love this because i am not a fan of sweets anyway (except for picture taking and those few days before menstruation when suddenly i grow a sweet tooth out of nowhere)
I'm a very picky person and i usually would never touch a green juice-not even when it's a combo between fruit and veggies. I dunno what's gotten into me but i took a sip of this kiwi and greens (can't remember what) juice and i actually don't mind it so i finished it all up :p
They also allowed us to get our body composition checked to be able to know and understand more about our bodies and what we need/needs to be done to reach that ideal body. 

To be completely honest with you, i really wasn't that comfortable with this *LOL*. I mean, i wouldn't mind doing it one by on with the nurse or the doctor, but i really feel vulnerable if i have to do this in front of many people, and i know that some of my blogger friends share the feeling-i guess it stems from the fact that i am an extremely introvert person and i really don't like to flaunt such a personal thing to public. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), i couldn't get the body mass check anyway because i had to rush (my husband was getting very impatient *LOL*).

I decided to go with the clinic tour instead, which is very interesting.
This device is actually a colon detoxing machine. As in you'd be connected to a tube and pure water would be poured into you to cleanse your insides!
We're all amazed at the amount of water used for this treatment!
What a cute device, and it's PINK! Errr yep, that's for boobies :D
Very cozy, clean and comfortable looking consultation room-actually that's how i feel about the entire clinic
IFV treatment rooms
Simulating a consulatation, dr. Fanny shows us the different layer and positioning of fats. The one that's deep within and far from our skin is the hardest to get rid of. Dr. Fanny also shows us a little injection that can be used for severe cases clients (they would need to jab themselves everyday >.<)
This is Venus Legacy, a sort of miracle worker that is used by lots of Hollywood stars before a red carpet appearance because of the significant immediate toning and slimming effect it gives
You can get a significant measurement reductions immediately. Ofc, this is not a quick fix for obese people but more likely for people that just need that extra boost
If i am not mistaken, this is the virtual gym machine where you get attached to this and your muscle would be working like you're hitting the gym, hardcore style!
Lilies actually tried this before and she said she sweat like insane. I would love to test this out haha
This is oxygen machine where they would draw your blood first then infused it with oxygen before  returning it to your body!
And the top part of the clinic is the happiest place for me *LOL*. As you might already know, i am an amateur yoga enthusiast (sadly i haven't had a class in the last 3 months because my yoga group is dispersed in all direction T.T) , despite the way i look (mushy. Chubby *LOL*) and people's initial reaction to stereotype me into a anti work-out kind of person - i am actually very interested in working out. I don't like extreme work out (i love yoga, i love swimming, i also loveeee long walks and mild hiking) and i cannot keep up with complicated moves so stuffs like zumba is totally out of question for me, i also hate game sports coz i am oh-so-bad at them. Puraforma has this multifunction gym where they hold yoga and TRX classes. Honestly, TRX intimidates me. I'm not sure if i can handle it, but it's something that i would give a try if given the chance to.
Dr. Fanny introduced Puraforma's trainer
The trainer explaining a little bit about the multifunction gym, their classes and schedules
And that's the end of our little clinic's tour!

Thank you Puraforma and WomanBlitz for having us, i sure hope that this post can be help for those of you who are looking for help getting the ideal body shape you dream of!

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