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Hullo people!!!

Yes, i am having a very sudden blogging mood spurts in the end of January for some unknown reasons! As these moods are hard to catch these days, i gotta make the best out of it...

I am actually drown to the neck with sponsored posts, event reports and reviews' deadlines, but i've been enjoying a more personal post since the last one (which turned to be a total rant-y post) and it's been a while since i focus on personal posts, this is unacceptable because i do not want to lost my initial purpose on why i started this blog : to be my memory keeper-so i will do my best to balance between sponsored posts with a more personal ones from now on. Let's say that it's my 2017 resolution!

ANYWAY, like the title suggested and you might already know if you follow my Instagram (it's @MGirl83 btw, if you haven't... Why not... Do give me a follow, will ya?) that my blogging friend and fellow SBB comittee Dyta went on Bios TV for a talk show.
So i met a rep from Bios TV back in December during a clinic's event. She approached me, introduced herself and asked for my contact number. I quickly forgot all about it *LOL* *i know, i'm horrible like that" but not long after, i got a message from her asking if i can be a guest in their talkshow. Unfortunately,  i was already leaving for Jakarta to start my trip to Japan so i had to pass. She then told me she'd contact me again in January.

I honestly didn't think much about it, even more so after i lost my Iphone-i just completely forgot about a LOT of things zzzz. Then she contacted me again-much to my surprise. When she asked me again to schedule an appearance on their talkshow, i was flattered but mostly terrified. If you know me in real life, you'd know that i never crave the limelight. I hate video cameras and i even feel awkward when my vlogger friends have their camera rolling. I also hate how i look on videos >.<. In short, being on TV is not something that i ever want. BUT. There are things that made me force myself to do it.

One, is to get out of my comfort zone. To grow as a person and as a blogger, especially with my dream of making SBB big, i NEED to get out of my comfort zone. Second, i definitely want more people to know about SBB (the talkshow is about SBB's profiling, FYI). And there's also a third, a very selfish reason. It's because back when we had an on air interview in Sonora Radio, i was freaking out because i was super nervous (told ya i really don't like to do this kind of stuffs >.<) and someone actually told me that "Why are you nervous, it's just a radio. WE had to be on TV and stuffs!". That... is just... another fuel to force me to do stuffs.

I mean, i won't just sit and let a B insult me like that -___-. FYI, i got this kind of offers before, i always turned them down because it's just not my kind of thing. I used to be too embarrassed to accept anything like this, i even hid a newspaper from my family when i saw my face on it. You might think i am weird, but i just feel extremely exposed at times like this, and the introvert in me screams for cover! Anyway, when she told me that, i made a promise to myself, next time i got an offer to be on TV, i'll take it just to prove to her that it doesn't take to be a fame hungry monster to be on TV *LOL*. Oops sorry, i really shouldn't be blogging about very personal things when i'm PMSing, i just get carried away!

Anyway, i decided to say yes with a condition-that i get to bring a friend. I honestly am not so sure that i'd go through with it had they say no! And i had been super nervous and scared ever since i said "Yes, i'll be there" >.< (thankfully it's just like 2 days aways from the time i confirm to the live show)

It was almost CNY and i had to get my hair (well, just my bangs) trimmed so i decided to get my hair done as well. I told Ndaru i wanted to get my hair done for a talkshow on TV just because it's the truth (i only told him, hunny, #Undecided and G *LOL* oh and Redha in the last minutes. My SBB friends protested that we didn't tell them about this, truth be told i didn't want them to watch me coz there's always a possibility of me humiliating myself on national TV, i'd much prefer less people who knows me IRL to be aware of this!) and not because i was fishing for anything, so i was super surprised when he ended up sponsoring me for my hair that day >.<
Hair by Madass by Ndaru, i absolutely love the curl and even though i only asked the hair stylist to curl my hair-she had the initiative to offer me to fluff up the roots-which made the result so much better than i expected!
One more pic of my hair coz i just LOVE it so much. If you live in Surabaya and want a very affordable but still cute hairdo, you should check out Madass!
I also spent the night before rummaging my closet for something comfortable (the last thing i want to wear is something tight/uncomfortable while i am already super scared and nervous!) and this is what i came up with :
The hair and the makeup makes me look like an evil step mother in this pic hahahaha
Anyway, the live show was at 7 something so we didn't have to be at the studio before 6.30-the studio's located at the other end of town notorious for crazy traffic jams around that time of the day so we decided to just stand by nearby so we won't have to deal with traffic. We went to PTC and i tried distracting myself shopping for Little O's CNY clothes. It sort of work...

Until it was time to leave. We decided to leave early because we have no idea where the studio is and we had to anticipate the possibilities of getting lost... But we ended up getting there super early anyway.

When we arrived, the security already knew that i was the guest for "live show, at 7?"-which FYI was a surprise for me... LOLOLOL. I was so stressed when i found that i would have to be on TV that it didn't even occur to me that it would be live. I just assumed it's a taping >.<.
Scared shitless and nervous AF? Didn't stop me from taking pics, ofc...
Dyta came afterwards and we went through the question list to prepare ourselves and then we were finally asked to enter the actual studio where they shot the show and the rest is history >.<.
Dyta and i sort of turned wooden (Dyta is actually more nervous than me that she became sort of speechless *LOL*, but i'm really REALLY thankful that she's there to accompany me!) on the set but the funny and super fun host (he looks more serious when the camera's rolling, but whenever they stop-he made us rolled in laughter too many times) made us loosen up pretty quickly. Granted, Redha (who actually watched the show) asked me if we didn't know the questions that were going to be asked because we got confused a few times *LOL*-but that's okay. For a first timer (who honestly didn't even want to be there) i think we did fine :p.

Oh another thing, hunny taped a few minutes of the show to show my family at our WA group chat, i watched it and was horrified at how ROUND my face look! FYI, i have a heart shaped face that looks more oval now that i have too much flesh on it *FML*, i have a nice chin that saves my face from being round like the moon. On certain angles, i even look V shaped *LOL*-but on TV... My God, it's just scary *LOLOLOL*. I understand now why people who works on TV are so effing thin, because the camera really puts on 10 pounds on you WTF. Everything just look so... squashed and short *LOLOLOL*. I mean, i don't look good in videos in general, but this was especially bad >.<.

Anyway, throughout the live show (and the commercial breaks) we chatted and and joked around-soon we're actually done!!! It's a WRAPPP... Can't tell you how effing relieved we felt! It was a very valuable experience for us btw, not every day you can claim that you're live on TV... For the very first time *LOL*. So thank you Bios TV for having us, thank you SBB for making this possible and thank you Dyta to be our awesome graphic designer-and for being a pal and accompanying me here.

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