Foodgasm 14 : Brofish! by Seablings (SPONSORED)

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Hey guys... 

It's been a long while since the last time i wrote about food, eh? If you enjoy my erratic ramblings that i try to pass as a food review, i finally have a new one for ya *LOL*.

Well... This is definitely the era of convenience, if you can't cook like me but you do not want to constantly go out to eat (or order takeaways)-it'd be great to have something ready to accompany your plate of rice with (and i think it's healthier too), and if you're a fan of fishes... I have great news for ya! Introducing Brofish! :
Brofish! IDR 55.000/330g
A little bit about Seablings (i really love how they name their company and product... So funny in the smartest way!) first-Seablings is a new local seafood brand which is based in Jakarta. They are passionate about food and, as they put it-especially something that's a little bit fishy *LOLOLOL*, i really love their team already. Anyone with  a great sense of humor can be a good friend for me :p.

Do you know why they call their company Seablings? It's a wordplay from "siblings" because they believe that all of us-seafood lovers-are siblings, one big happy family. How cute is that?

Brofish! comes in a glass jar containing 330gr of fishy goodness!
Ingredients : skipjack tuna (cakalang) with chili, red onion, oils
The logo
If you notice the frosting on my jar it's because they suggest you to keep your Brofish! in the freezer so they can last up to a week. But if you have multiple person having a jar together, it'd be all gone within days anyway hahaha
You can see the red chilli on the fish meat, don't worry if you're not very good with spicy food because i think it's very mild
Btw, when my jar arrived, i found the oil from the Brofish kinda leaked outside the jar (suggestion to Seablings team, try to find a way to seal the jar to ensure no leakage maybe? It's bound to shake quite a bit during shipping)
And due to the leakage, i did find my Brofish! to be slightly drier, it's still good but i think it'd be nicer if it's a little bit more moist (which i believe how it's actually is, if the oil stayed inside
I like to eat Brofish! with a warm pile of white rice *makes me drool just typing this hahaha*, it has a rich, sour taste that would be overwhelming to eat on its own for someone with my palate (i am known to like bland tastes haha. Don't get me wrong, i love spicy food, i can handle spiciness a lot better than most people. Those "fire noodles" from Korea? I'd say it's mildy hot! But when something is rich tasting, i like to tone it down with my favorite food in the whole wide world-white rice -____-. I just realized i am very passionate about rice. What's wrong with me?).

I've tried jarred tunas before and they could be very smokey-tasting, which i don't enjoy. I really appreciate the fact that Brofish! is not overly smokey and i love although they're fresh (when it comes to fishes, you can tell when you have something that's fresh or not easily-right?), they are not fishy smelling whatsoever! I mean, it's fish so ofc it smells like fish, but not in a bad way. Capiche?

I think Brofish! is a perfect partner for white rice! YUM!
If i can make a suggestion for Seablings then it would be to make the Brofish! available in different spice intensities. We all know there are a lot of chilli maniacs in Indonesia, it'd be great if they have Brofish! level 5 or something hahaha. I poured a lot of chilli flakes on top on my Brofish! because i love my food hot and spicy (i hope i didn't contradict myself. Didn't i say i enjoy bland tastes? I was referring to the sour taste, as in if something too sour or too sweet-but i like everything spicy, that's how i tone down my food taste-i eat them with rice, and add a lot of chilli. So i guess i am quite a fanatic when it comes to my chilli?. I hope i make sense. This is why i don't write about food as often as i like... ).

Interested? Find Brofish at Seabling's Instagram :@byseablings !
Made my hunny model Brofish! *LOL*. Should really get that plastic green chair out of the way zzz


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