O's Birthday Dinner (+My Mini Haul)

10:15:00 PM

Hi guys...

Isn't it a nice surprise that #Undecided's been writing again lately? LOL. It sure was about time already! And i do wish that this wind of change would actually lasts, not for a day or two, but really lasts! But i really shouldn't jinx it *zipping my own mouth*.

Anyway, if you read my entry about my friend M's birthday last April, you'd be familiar with the other person on our little trio, O (or how we affectionately refer to as "The Cow" LOLOLOL FHL). And on May, it's O's turn to celebrate her birthday. Like most of my friends, she's turning *gasp* *faint* the big 3 and 0 this month. Her birthday was on the 12th, the first dinner celebration plan fell through because the birthday girl got a bout of allergies, she claimed that her eyes were swollen like frog's LOLOLOL, FHL again. 

So, finally the postponed dinner was realized on Wednesday.
No, my head's not bigger than the others, i was leaning out when the rest were leaning back! FML
Like you know, my bro and his family from Banjarmasin had been in Surabaya since last Saturday (well, we were in Batu on Sat and Sunday, but you know what i mean right!) and we've been going out with them almost everyday, had to ask for a rain check on Wed for obvious reason (for those who are blur like me sometimes, read above!!!! LOL). 

I had to leave home earlier than i would've to go to an outsourcing office to get this letter at 2 PM, the rep made it sounds like it was important and i had to go get it myself, the guy didn't even have the decency to actually meet me, he was on the phone the whole time and pass the letter to his colleague, who in return just pass it casually to me. WTF. I could've make my employee went and get it if it's so unnecessary FML. What an utter waste of my time.

Anyway, since going there in my jammies (or house clothes hahaha) wasn't possible and i'm not the kind of person who would put on one thing and then went all the way back home to change, i did what i always did, get ready since afternoon. Here's what i wore that day :
Red Skater Dress : Asos
And the accessories of the day:
Double Hearts necklace (can be worn separately) : online shop
A clearer picture because the previous one couldn't show the details...
Champagne "Crystal" FLower earrings : some accessories stall in KL (on the bridge linking a mall with the LRT station in Berjaya Times Square area)
Leather Wrap Bracelet : Etienne Aigner, gold and semi precious stones bracelet : a jeweler in Banjarmasin
Complete OOTD :
Red Glossy Bag : AJ | Armani Jeans
I dunno why but whenever i wear a red dress i tend to vamp up my eye make up, unintentionally i swear!
I didn't plan on putting on such a thick eyeliner that day, my Dior liner was playing up again so i had no choice other than re-doing the whole thing, which i would never do!
I ended up with thick winged eye liner (another miss-step, i already lined my left eye down ward in dolly style but accidentally winged it up on the other eyes! Had to re-line them a few times to make them even, combined with the Dior liner leaking up like crazy again, hence the thick, dramatic eyeliner), pearly pale blue eyeshadow all over the lid and dark blue (almost greyish) eye shadow on the outer part of my eyelid (V shaped), reddish blush on and soft pink ultra glossy lippy (but i only wore Vaseline on my lips on the FOTD pictures). I really never plan my make up, i just make them up as i go *LOL*, it turned out to be pretty okay, if i may say so myself :p.

Anyway, we actually (as in me, hunny, Baby Boy who we just picked up from school, and his nanny) just dashed in and out of the outsourcing office, Baby Boy was almost asleep so we try to wake him out a bit by taking him to Papaya (the high end supermarket we frequented) and bought him fave Pororo drinks and ice cream! Then we drop him off at his grandma's (hunny's mum) because that's his schedule every Wednesday :p.

It was just around 3.30 or so, i obviously did not intend to go home (all dressed up to the nines), so we went to TP to look for this Skechers light up shoes for Baby Boy (we were ordered to do so by his grandpa. Baby Boy actually refuse to wear any shoes that doesn't light up by now coz his grand parents keeps on buying him the light up ones *sigh*). On the way there i was BBM-ing with #Undecided and i remembered (i hope i will remember it on the D-Day!!!) that her birthday's coming up (the horror, BB!!!) in less than 2 weeks, so i asked her what she wanted as a pressie.

She then went on and on about asking her hubby for a proper wallet (both of us almost never own a proper waller HAHAHA, seriously! It's so sad... I wear designer bags but don't own a  single, slightly acceptable branded wallet, not even a high street one! Haih...) but when she saw the price she side tracked (coz why would such a small thing costs so much... We could never understand) and ended up asking for a bag instead *yes, very #Undecided of her*. So i asked her, would you like me to buy you a nice wallie as a birthday present, bb? And she said "Yes, please!" and i was happy to have more tasks to do to kill the time until 6.30 (dinner plan was at 7).

Was planning to check out a few stores (i plan on buying her a high street branded one-don't worry, she already knew so i'm not ruining a surprise or anything haha), but being true to myself, i found the perfect wallet at the first store we went in *LOL*. I just can't browse around for hours, if i saw the right item (big, with lots of compartments, the right shade *i even asked her whether she wanted a muted, neutral colored ones or the bright, eye popping colored one and she opted for the latter*, and on budget hahaha. My budget's always the biggest when it comes to my #1 special girl, obvi) i just couldn't stop myself from purchasing it right away! 

#Undecided's pressie done, Baby Boy's shoes done (but we'd need to exchange it with a bigger size soon *le sigh*, i already bought a size bigger than his current size but his nanny said it's not loose enough, little kids' foot grows at the speed of lightning you know. Can you believe a little 5 year old boy wears a size 34 shoes? He's got such huge feet, just like his daddy zzz), i couldn't stop myself from purchasing a few items for myself...

I can't show you the birthday pressie i got for #Undecided (coz THAT would ruin the surprise *LOL*), but i can show you my own mini haul *huge grin*.
Shopped at Payless and Cache Cache that day
Winter VS Summer, don't you think? Hahaha...
Rattan Hat IDR 129.000 from Payless
I've been eyeing this hat forever, this is one hat that actually looks normal on me out of a million that make me look like a complete idiot when i wear it *LOL*. I hesitated on buying it because i'm not a hat person, plus one doesn't really wear hats in Surabaya unless you want people to stare at you like you're an alien. But then i remembered we're going to super sunny (and scorching hot) JB on July, and we're going to Legoland so we're going to be outdoor for the longest time, if that's not the perfect excuse to buy this hat i dunno what is.

I actually tried it on when i went shopping with L before our Europe trip (yes, it's been months), but L was like "Cozkie, wrong continents!" LOL, yeah we're supposed to find a warming hat instead of summery ones back then. Oh, one more thing, i saw the exact same hat at Aldo, and it was selling for IDR 349.000 or higher WTF, so i knew i had to purchase this one from Payless and now it's mine!
Hello me!
Hot Pink Mirrored Sunnies IDR 79.900 from Payless
Payless and New Look has the cutest and cheapest range of sunnies, ever! Too bad the ones in New Look mostly are too loose for me (how is that possible? Do sunnies comes with sizes too?), but Payless' always a perfect fit! I actually owned an almost identical one in bright mint green that i wore to Europe (that reminds me, i haven't even covered my hauls before Europe, been abandoning my weekly haul posts this month *sigh*, you'll see the mint one making a re-appearance on future haul posts, yes how very backward of me..), the only difference was the material, the mint one was glossy and has silvery tone on the mirrored glass, while this hot pink one's actually matte (i hate the sound of matte things when it's rubbed with dry fingers of nails *shudder*) with pinkish tone on the mirrored glass.

I swear i went in Payless intending of buying the hat only the hat, but when i spotted the sunnies, i had to put it on... And seeing how cute it looks on *self praise*, and how it'd match the sneakers i might purchase to wear on our next trip... And the super affordable price tag... I'm SOLD! I have a horrible feeling i might want to buy new sunnies every time we're going on a trip now... Well, as long as i buy the super cheap ones like these and not the designer ones, right?
Fluffy Woolie Vest IDR 106.500 (on 70% discount) from Cache Cache
I kinda like Cache Cache collections, i just hate their price tags *LOLOL* so when i saw them on a huge sale, i quickly entered the store. First thing i spotted was this cute and fluffy creme sleeveless vest, it was originally IDR 365.000 or something and it was on a 70% off sale. You know i can't pass up on a good bargain, and after putting it on and saw how cute it is worn, i just had to get it. It was the last piece, and sized S, thankfully it fits me really well.

Hunny was being annoying and told me i looked like this little (although i am anything but little *LOL* FML) Ceko goat we saw at Batu's Eco Park and told me squeak "M...aaa...kkkk" WTF (there was this baby goat that really made that sound!!!) zzzzz. He even went and snapped a picture of me trying the vest out without me knowing it and sending it to my sis-in-law, grrrr! More about that on Batu trip entry that i dunno when i'm gonna write.

I dunno when i'm gonna wear it and where *LOL*, hopefully we will plan a trip to a colder country soon. Thinking about Beijing with L on December, or maybe South Korea with KC and family.... 

So that's all of the stuffs i got that day, not bad *as in not too much* right? I kept on checking on Guardian if Silky Girl's Soda Pop Lip Jelly's available yet (coz they've put on the advertisement for weeks but kept on saying they don't have the stocks yet whenever i asked), and they are finally available! It's so horrible than it takes a month (at least) of difference for something that's already available in Jakarta to be available in Surabaya! We're the second largest city in Indonesia after all!

Unfortunately, they do not have the tester *WHY???*, so i couldn't decide on which one to get (coz it they all have the same color result i wouldn't buy too much, maybe just two of them? LOL. If they have different results then, ehm... i'd buy more...) plus they are not super cheap *like other Silky Girl lip products, they have an IDR 19.000 lip gloss you know!*, it was IDR 62.000 or something (USD 6.50), and Guardian's price (when not on sale) is significantly higher than Matahari Department Store's, so i went to Matahari to check but the BA didn't even know what Soda Pop Lip Jelly was GRRRRR!!! So i ended up not buying any *YET*. Haih. 

Okay okay, enough yapping, now back to O's birthday dinner hahaha... Now let me show you what i've got her as a birthday pressie..
Yes, all of that! *LOL* And no, there's no Charles&Keith stuffs amongst them, i just used the paper bag to place the stuffs hahaha
That's four clothing piece/sets (two dresses, one double long top and one top+skort set) and the "Beauty Bag" wannabe assembled by moi, almost the same one as the one i got for M (that i also put together myself).
That's a cute cosmetic pouch, no? From Daiso :p
There's the same Fruttini shower gels and cute shower puff (with tiny sponges embedded in it) as the ones i gave M, also Coconut tinned lip balm and Savex Cherry Lip treatment, all of them (except the puff) i got from Sasa. Threw in Masami Shouko cleansing sponge that i got from Lola Box as well. Again let me ask you, don't i make good beauty bags?? Somebody ask me to colab with them to start our own beauty bag/box services! LOL.

And now about the dinner itself, it was in a fine dining type of restaurant called Isola. O's sister works there (she's the supervisor now, if i'm not mistaken) and last year O also had her birthday dinner celebration there (i believe her sis got her an employee discount or something LOLOLOL). They are having a promotion right now, All You Can Eat (pasta and pizza) for IDR 75.000 (+taxes i think) per person.
According to hunny their pizza price's over IDR 100.000 per portion, so obviously this is a fantastic deal! The only catch was, you HAVE to finish everything you ordered or they'd charge you with their regular price.

Again, i don't have tons of pictures since M and O are not cam-whores like me or #Undecided *sigh*, so i have very limited pictures of us that night , and almost all of them wasn't up to my standard but there's nothing i could do because even on take two or three they'd start saying "Again?" and sigh. HAIH *triple sigh*.

Plus, M's little girl totally refused to have her picture taken...
Take one
Take two
Then she ran off and hence..
Take three HAHAHAHA (OMG! I just totally spotted M's little girl under the chair!!!)
If it were #Undecided and i, we'd take tons of picture from several angles until we get it just right, won't we, BB? LOL.

We forced O's sister to take our order *LOLOLOL*, which she reluctantly did *because she generally doesn't do that anymore coz she's the supervisor or something, like i said*. I kept on trying to take her picture and she kept on blocking me because she definitely forbade me to hahaha *NO WAY CECE NO!!! NOT IN THIS UNIFORM!!!* but don't call me #Pink if i didn't get what i wanted.
HAHAHAHAHA, that's RR, O's little sister slash the waitress :p
Birthday girl and her hubby
I took this picture below and of course, i am good..
O's hubby and my hunny, M's hubby was out of town for work
Then i asked Koko (O's hubby, who's a lot older than us hahaha) to take our pic.
Did you see the guy at the background? He's a Korean and RR who's nuts about anything Korean was spazzing when she saw him *LOL*, unfortunately he was on a date actually. It was his girl's birthday (yes, we got the full detail because we have access to the people inside hahaha) and he asked them to bring out a bouquet of flower every time a dish was served. I'd say lucky girl, but then i remember i am not romantic and would never want to be treated like that, i'd prefer hunny to buy me branded bags or diamonds instead.... HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Okay, now i'm gonna bombard you with pictures of foods, sorry if you happen to be hungry while reading this!
My Aglio Olio, very yummy!
Hunny ravioli that was very yums as well but only contains three pieces per serving
Fortunately  it was an all you can eat dinner so he ordered another serving of that ravioli (the first serving was going round for everybody to try haha). 
Dunno what pizza this was but the yellow thingy in the middle's egg yolk! Yums!

O ordered three pizzas before we arrived because she thought M's hubby (who's a big eater) was coming, nevertheless we finished all of those pizza. They're not huge and quite thin and crispy. I'm not necessarily a pizza person (the only pizza i like... Pizza Hut type of pizza hahaha), i don't even like pizza we had in Europe, but these ones not too bad for me, i had quite a few slices.
Hunny's third round of pasta, it's quite yucky this one *___* i had one bite and recoiled in horror
Anyway, if you're wondering how much pasta can one have, they served super tiny portion actually. It's smaller than half of regular size, i believe. Here, i took a picture of the fetuccine above from a different angle to show you the size.
See? Super tiny hahaha, the plate was not huge or anything out of ordinary
I can safely say, #Undecided (who's quite a pasta person) can down three to four servings easy. I can have two, but the others are such small eaters (except Koko!), i was too embarrassed to order more *LOL*. I did order one more to split with hunny though :p.
Carbonara Fetuccine that was also quite yums
So if any of you are in Surabaya and likes pasta/pizza, you definitely should try out this All You Can Eat promo in Isola, it's a very good value for money deal! I dunno until when this promo would last, but i remember they have this kind of promos before, but the timing sucks before (it was for lunch time only) while this time round, the timing's perfect (from 4 to 9), recommended for people who wants to have a nice, fine dining-like dinner in a cosy and romantic atmosphere with super affordable price! Or anyone at all who wants to have endless portions of pastas and pizzas (or want to suffer from food coma)! Now i sound like a walking advert, but i swear they're not paying me to write this! LOL!

With that, i'm gonna wrap this entry as well! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. i think the eyeliner look ok..


  2. What a superb story and moment :)
    It must be a remarkable moment to share the 3-0 with bff and everyone's soulmate ^^

    And you're so pretty, love your red dress..

    1. Thank you so much dear, you're so sweet :D!