#Undecided's Pride and Joy *no, this entry is NOT about babies LOL*

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Helloooooo everyone! #Undecided here... trying to write as much as I possibly can while #Pink is away on yet another holiday with her fam bam. LOL. You know how she worries about abandoning this blog for 2 weeks and since she only has 1 scheduled post, I - the dutiful co-writer of this blog *ahem* - will put aside my laziness and write. LOL. Let's see how long I can stretch this one, k? :)

Anyway, I hope I don't bore you with my non-beauty-related posts, because #Undecided is no girly #Pink and I have non of that stuff on my repertoire. Sorry :p

So, since I don't have much time to write today (will tell you why on my next entry!), this one is going to be an easy one...

If you know me quite well, you would have guessed by just reading the title that this post is all about.... you know it, my dogs! :D

I'm just going to update you with what they've been up to. But first thing first, enjoy the photos below!

This is baby Jerome before he came to us - probably around 4 months old.
This is Jerome on the first day we got him. Still so small, right...
Jerome - 3 days with us - his first off leash walk *proud*
Do you see the socks he's wearing? LOL. He scratched his paw pads because before he came to Surabaya, he only walked on grass in his kennel in Trawas... I guess the paved street and Surabaya's hot temperature shocked his delicate pads so the vet suggested the socks...
A few months in... This time he's modelling for my sis' fiancee LOL

This one I just had to post here because look at him sulking! This is after I scolded him for nibbling on the car's dusting broom! Naughty naughty!

OK, ready for how he looks today?!

Here goes!

So handsome! I know I know I'm biased... LOL. He's 9 months old now and his front paws are up to my chest when he's standing on his hind legs! He's gonna be huge when he stops growing LOL.
Side view
And one more, just because hahahaha... 

# Kalista

This is baby Kalista - probably around 4 months old. Sorry for the crappy photo - this is actually a screen grab from a video hubby recorded when we first met her in Trawas.

I just realized that we don't have a photo of her homecoming day. I'm pretty sure hubby snapped lots of them, but then his Blackberry acted out and deleted all his files! So... these are the photos of her before we got her her training.
On some park near my mom's house
In her old cage - look at how she sits on the photo. Super sloppy LOL. She doesn't sit like that anymore now thanks to her training.
This is Kalista and her trainer today. Look how proper she sits :)
Up close to her face (with Ocha on the background)
This photo is taken quite recently and I literally LOL'ed when hubby sent it to me with a note: "look at how cheeky your dog is now slapping Alpha (the Siberian Husky) on the face". LOL LOL. But she's being playful that one. Ears back, tail down. No aggression. But poor Alpha getting bitch-slapped hahahahaha.

# Inez

Another screen grab from Kalista's video - I just noticed re-watching it that Miz Inez is also there! LOL. 
According to hubby, of all 3 German Shepherds that we have, Inez is the one with the perfect stance. She's hubby's personal favorite. Her only flaw is her flat forehead LOL.
This is Inez' latest photo. Yes, even though she's the oldest of all three she's also the smallest in size. We're currently trying to bulk her up a bit with special diet from the vet.

OK, judging from the amount of photos, you should know by now that Inez is my least favorite. LOL. But hey, it's only because I am super attached to Kalista (even though hubby is her person, and NOT me *sigh*); and Jerome had me at hello (now who wouldn't - look at that adorable silly face of his LOL). Besides, Inez is not the kind of dog you cuddle with. She could care less about being a pet. She is the ultimate working dog. Give her a task and she'll ace it. Her favorite task right now is collecting empty bottles and whatnots and pile them up on "her office" (a corner which she always brings her findings to). LOL. 

What they're up to right now?
Jerome, Inez, Kalista, and Miss Jenny

Well, Kalista is working on her agility training with her trainer Miss Jenny. And by September we'll enlist her on her 1st obedience test (Begleithunde Examination). Here's a video of one of her training sessions. Enjoy :)

As for Jerome, well, we're working on him getting into shape because (it pains me to say this, really) he was too fat -__- *sigh*. It's all my mom and sister's fault because they kept on shoving food his way because according to them: Jerome was always hungry. Well hello!!! He's a big dog. He would down whatever food they wave at his face. Just like his human (me!), gluttony is definitely his sin LOL. 

But the good news is he's already so much skinnier and FINALLY managed to jump into the car by himself!!! *proud mama*. Why am I so proud one might ask? Well because the old-fat Jerome would just placed his front paws on the trunk and then plead with his eyes for hubby to haul his giant ass in. LOL. He has also finally mastered the instruction "catch". We would throw a stick up in the air and he would jump and catch the stick. He's getting so good and never misses any catch now (seriously my heart swells with pride typing this LOL). We're now working on "fetch". Will post a video soon!

Oh yeah, the good news is: PERKIN has now acknowledged long-haired German Shepherds in their dog shows, so Jerome can also compete!! Once he's in good shape we'll start working on his training and eventually we will want him to win some awards! *aim high - fingers crossed - LOL* Yes, it's not always fun and games for our dogs. We expect them to be winners too :)

As for hubby's fave: Miz Inez, (just like Jerome) we're also prepping her to join her first dog show. Maybe also in September. I will surely post photos and video! 

Thanks for reading, guys.

#Undecided signing out!

Oh wait, one more photo of my pride and joy!
Jerome, Inez & Kalista

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    I've been owning dogs for my whole life and yeah, I understand what you meant by pride and joy. =)

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