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Hi guys!

Another filler post to entertain you while i'm away! This entry's written a few months ago but i got too many other entries to post so since this one's got no time relevance problem i thought i'd just hoard this in my draft until i need an entry to post. Now the time has come! LOL.

Do you like Asian movies? I love Asian movies! (#Undecided hates them though, *LOL*), actually not only movies but I also love Asian cultures (I mean other than Indonesia's okay, because I am obliged to love Indonesian cultures since I am Indonesian, right?), especially the Oriental ones. Oh, scratch that, Orientals fascinates me but I also find Indian, Middle East and other Asian cultures awesome. All in all, I LOVE and am proud to be an Asian #PRIDE, LOL.

#Undecided likes to think of us as more Westernized than most Asians *LOL*, and I guess she is right to a degree, because we’re both super open minded and all. But unlike her, I love my Asian roots and always find them interesting, in every aspect. Ask me who my fave writer is? As much as I LOVE Stephenie Meyer (Twilight Saga is EPIC, sorry for those of you who disagree, I believe you have a less wild imagination than me :p), my answer had never changed since I was in Junior High School, Amy Tan.

Her books brought me to another world, a world that is so strange and alien but yet extremely familiar. In case you never heard of her, she writes mostly about mother-daughter relationships and Chinese families and cultures. When I read a good book I can never put them down, I will keep on reading and finishing it in no time. I read about Chinese women lives years ago and I learn more about my ancestors (Amy Tan loves to goes back an forth between many many years ago to the present in her books, telling both about the mother in the book with her life back in olden days in China with the daughter with her modern American life). 

I am a Christian so I don’t believe in rebirth, but sometimes I fantasize if I was alive before, hundreds of years ago, and I was a Chinese girl (like in present), I would’ve gone through the process of foot binding WTF. HUWAAAAA!

I have every single one of her book (but lost my very first, The Joy Luck Club, and I’m very gutted since I’ve read all of her other books more than five times each and never got bored, I’m gonna look for The Joy Luck Club in Singapore this June, thank God at least the book lost was in Indonesian, it was bought when I was in junior high school, no Periplus yet back then).

One of my favorite book (other than, again, Twilight ahahaha, sorry sorry) is Memoir Of A Geisha. Again, a story about an Asian girl’s life (Japanese this time) from childhood (or ripped childhood) to how she eventually become a geisha and how a geisha trained and live (and no, in case you’re wondering, geishas are not prostitutes, they are more of a kept women). I’m sure many of you have watched the movie starring Zhang Ziyi (which enraged many Japanese because they used Chinese actresses instead of Japanese, I’m not sure many Japanese actress can speak English though).  The movie’s quite good but if you want the crème de la crème then you have to read the book, but I realize that not everybody’s a bookworm like me, so you can cheat and watch the movie instead *LOL*.

I love going to other Asian countries too, even though so far it’s because I’ve never been outside of Asia yet (poor me, I grew up with a mum who hates flying and the furthest she’d go was to China. I am so happy now that I’m married because then I get to explore other countries with my hubby. My parents are over protective Asian parents who won’t let me go on a solo, or even with a group of friends, trip. They worry too much), but I still love every single Asian countries that I’ve been to. And I am especially enchanted by China and Korea because they have those palaces that I love so much, they really were magical. I am definitely one of the touristy types who’d insist on going to every cultural (palaces, temples, etc) places I can find :p.

This is definitely on of the most prominent difference between #Pink and #Undecided since she doesn’t share my passion and interest in all things Asian *LOL*. She’d kill herself before joining me watch an Asian movie or if she does she’d complain endlessly I don’t really want to subject myself to such humiliation anyway LOLOL (people would stare in annoyance you know, she complains loudly sometimes).

Oh! And I love Asian guys. LOL. As in celebrity crushes? #Undecided likes Caucasian actors and actresses (I have to be honest, I don’t find many Hollywood actresses to be beautiful, and I don’t like blondes. I can never see the attraction of a  blonde, busty girls. And don’t tell me I’m jealous-since I’m so flat, LOL. It’s just that I find Asians much prettier, sorry, it’s just a matter of taste and preference right?). I do find some Hollywood actors to be gorgeous, I was obsessed with Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) for  quite a while after all. But for the most part my celebrity crushes had always been Asians.

Let me go down on memory lane for a bit and let me recount my old celebrity crushes… I think the first ever HUGE celebrity crush that I’ve had was Jimmy Lin, LOL. 
Jimmy Lin back then (in the 90s)

I was silly and obsessed, much like teenagers today with K-Pop stars *LOL*. I collected every merchandise of him and watched every single one of his  movies and bought all of his cassettes (yes, I am from that era). I was a huge fan of him for a very long time, up until he went to do his National Service and disappeared from the entertainment world *LOL*. Oh, I was obsessed with Backstreet Boys next but that’s another matter altogether since I was obsessed with them as a group and with their songs etc. Jimmy Lin is still acting today and looking super young still. The power of Asian youthful looks! LOL.

Jimmy Lin, now

Another celebrity crush that went very long and I still find very attractive to this day is Nicky Wu. 

Nicky Wu, in the 90s
Saw him first at a Chinese version of Romeo and Juliet, The Legend Of Sam Pek Eng Tay. I cried a river during that movie (well yeah, I know I’m a cry baby, you should know that well by now). Seriously, I still find myself blushing and smiling whenever I see him on  movies LOLOL, he is totally capable to make me thirteen again haha. I guess up until today I still find him to be the type of guy (in appearance) that I deemed perfect. Those eyes, those lips… My God… *slaps self*. Okay, I guess I am sober now ahahaha

Nicky Wu, now
Actually i think both of them are those men who looks better as they got older *grin*, Nicky Wu was always fit but now his body is drool*, OMG. I might endanger this blog to veer into a bit of a female porn, but i can't resist. I have to show you this.
*drool a bucket*
No, seriously, those two guys were the shaper of my childhood and teenage dreams LOL. Until now all the actors that I found most attractive are Asian (or at least part Asian), Daniel Wu, Edison Chen, Stephen Fung. The list goes on hahaha. Same goes for the girls, told ya before that my ultimate girl crush was Ayumi Hamasaki. Plastic surgery, no plastic surgery, I don’t give a crap. She’s still damn beautiful okay. I used to like Kyoko Fukada a LOT too. Asian girls rulez, y’all!

And my current celebrity crush, i don't need to say again right? Except i will! Kim Jong Kook! I LOVE ya!
Jong Kook Oppa's the one on the left lah, not the little boy hehehe

And as I said in the opening of this entry (honestly, I was only going to write a little bit about this movie I’ve just watched today, but somehow I got carried away-what’s new?-and successfully turned this entry to a dedication to my Asian obsession, LOL. Please bear with me), I love Asian movies. Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, and believe it or not I love Singaporean movies although I know that most people outside Singapore doesn’t really watch Singapore movies, I guess I was heavily influenced when I studied there, but seriously there are some really good and entertaining ones, especially if you love horror comedy *grin*, I can give you some suggestions! In fact I found the best horror movies (my fave genre) to be Asian. I mean, most Hollywood’s idea of horror movies are hilarious (there are some really good ones of course, but in general). Like, how’s an alien movie can be categorized as a horror movie? Seriously, zzzz….

My most fave Asian movies are Chinese ones, of course. And fortunately hunny shares my interest. We’re always quite excited if XXI’s showing Chinese movies *LOL*, and whenever we’re in Singapore or Malaysia (or even Jakarta because they have Blitz Megaplex which shows a lot more Asian movies than XXI) we always try to catch an Asian movie (horror most preferably :p). And thanks to hunny, I am learning to enjoy martial arts movies as well. Like action movies, I used to always avoid them because, well.. what’s there to watch? But he made me watch Ip Man and I am hooked ever since. LOL.

And today we went to watch another Chinese movie titled The Last Tycoon.

Chow Yun Fat (whom I like) starred on it, as well as Sammo Hung. And I was skeptical at first (I know, I am always skeptical whenever hunny chose a movie, hey I’ve been burnt before! Seriously burnt! LOL) but it turned out to be very interesting and engaging (and made me shed a few-or maybe quite a lot-of tears towards the end). Somehow I wasn’t expecting a movie about a head gangster to be so good and moving as well *LOL*. 

Oh, and there’s an eye candy as well! I didn’t expect any since, well.. the main leads are Chow Yun Fat (old) and Sammo Hung (old and fat) LOLOL, but there’s this guy who played Chow Yun Fat’s young character,  in case you do not know Chow Yun Fat was pretty handsome when he was young, and they found a pretty convincing younger actor to play his younger self (maybe a tad more handsome LOL). I am impressed, they were pretty good in details, as in the young guy has the same mouth as CYF and the same butt chin LOL. 

Anyway, this Huang Xiao Ming has an AH-MAZINGGH body okay. Like… *drool drool*… okay sorry. I thought he was skinny when he was clothed okay, but when he removed his top *drool* *slap self*, okay you need to see it for yourself lah to understand what I mean LOL. And I was delighted to find out that he’s quite a lot older than me. Sad ya, I know.

Once upon a time all of the actors were a lot older than you, and then suddenly most of them are so young they are young enough to be your nephew, FML. So I am always delighted whenever I found that the actor I like is older or at least the same age as me hahahaha. Me and #Undecided set an age limit on an acceptable celebrity crush, the crush should be born at least in 1980s, even 1989 counts (desperate) because anyone who was born over the year 1990… is simply…. Hayah, would be phedopillic lah hahahaha. 
Huang Xiao Ming

In (a simple) summary this movie is about the rise of an ordinary young man who with a twist of fate turned to be an influential triad (Chinese gangster lah) boss, but it’s so much more than just an ordinary gangster movie full of slashing and killing ya, it has a love story (which made me cry in the end) that’s very complicated and hard it became more than a simple love triangle, it was more of a love… hayah dunno what’s the name for it since more than four people ended up being involved ahahahaha.

It was also about sacrifice and loyalty, and honor. Seriously, even gangsters would give up their lives for their countries, we youngster really have it easy. Living in such a free world. I seriously cannot imagine living in the old days when women were nothing but a servant and play thing for men. I’d be so tempted to hack off a few pe**sses. LOL. 

Like I said above, being Chinese,  the most horrible scenario for me is being born in the old days when they still bind young girls’ feet.OMG OMG OMG. Since I love reading novels with cultural backgrounds especially if the setting’s in ancient kingdoms (love memoirs as well, Mdm Mao’s fascinated me), I read enough to know the process of feet bindings in details and it’s goriest than anything you know, many young girls died of infections back then. GYAAAAAA *suddenly imagining the process, sorry I have a very wild imagination, told ya already). 

I guess that’s enough ramblings for today hihihi, thanks for reading my writing about my old crushes and obsessions hahaha, any of you like the guys I mentioned? Or maybe you want to share your own obsession? Feel free to do so in the comment section below :D. Toodles!

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  1. Samaaaa. I also had a really big crush with Jimmy lin back there.....!!! hauahuahuahuah

  2. hihihih kyknya dia dl the ultimate little girls' fantasy yahh hehehe, toss dulu