Lip-Talk 28 : Moodmatcher by Fran Wilson (SPONSORED)

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Hey ladies!
This month Surabaya Beauty Blogger has a LOT of collaborations with lippie brands, and one of which i am most excited about is with MoodMatcher by Fran Wilson!
Have you ever heard of Moodmatcher before? It's been quite trending lately (although they have been around since 1986 - meaning they are almost as old as i am >.<) and i honestly been eyeing them for a while. Moodmatcher is a long lasting lipstick that can last up to 12 hours and the name MoodMatcher i guess is inspired by those old skool mood rings (i used to love those!) because like those color changing rings, Moodmatcher immediately changes color once become in contact with your lips. They would turn to various wearable colors depending on your lip's PH level, which means even if you and i wear the same shade from them, the end result can be different. This also means that even though they come in mostly crazy shades on the tubes, they are actually very, very wearable.

I always have a thing for color changing stuffs, especially lippies. When i was little, i had those Arabian yellow and green lipstick (not unlike these Moodmatchers because they also have similar shades) and i loved them - Moodmatcher brings back my sense of nostalgia on those good ole' days and i couldn't wait to try them when they arrived at my doorstep!

Other than the way they uniquely change color on your skin and being very long lasting, Moodmatcher also contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera that helps to moisturize your lips all day long.

Now it's time to check if all their claims are met upon testing!

Each member of Surabaya Beauty Blogger was allowed to choose 2 shades, i decided to choose a light and a dark shade and hope that they would translate into different shades on my lips.
I chose Light Blue and Black
Packaging wise, they are not my favorite. They come in a plastic tube with clear tops, the tube is the typical affordable lipsticks, very light weight with the tip of the lipstick bullet peeking out-this is total disaster for such a clumsy person like me because i would very often nick the bullet accidentally when opening/closing the lippie and that would ruin my day! Having said that, these are their old packaging, their new packaging is more modern looking, sleek, and most importantly - less accident prone hahaha. Some of my SBB fellows got the new packaging, you can check out their posts to see how the new packaging looks like.
The shade name can be found on the white sticker sealing the tube so once you remove the sticker, you can no longer find the shade's name. You don't really need them tho because the name of the shade is very matter-of-fact and the cap is clear so you know which shade you are grabbing no matter how many Moodmatchers you have!
Each lipstick contains 3.5g of products inside
Since Moodmatcher changes color according to your lips' PH level, i find it a bit hard to swatch properly on my hand. They do change color but the swatches look very sheer and kinda dodgy >.< so please don't judge this lovely lipstick from the hand swatches! 
L : Light Blue, R : Black
Even though they call it a lipstick, i personally would categorize them as lip tints. They glide very buttery and effortlessly, it feels very moisturizing and it does leave a slight sheen on your lips (not like lip glosses tho, the end result is more like a very pigmented tinted lip balm), they don't give you a full coverage as usual lipsticks do, but they give a vivid, lovely tint instead. They feel good with/without lipbalm underneath (if you want it to stay very long without reapplying then wear it alone) and my lips didn't feel dry or crumbly at the end of the day at all. If you eat or drink heavily, the sheen would be gone but they would leave a pretty deep stain on your lips and i actually love that! This is perfect for lazy girls who don't want to keep on reapplying their lippies but still want some color on their lips!

They have a bit of a classic lipstick scent, which i am not a fan of-but the scent is very subtle so i didn't even detect it before holding it very close to my nose. Staying power is very very good, especially if you wear it alone (i always put on lip balm underneath any lippie and that would make this Moodmatcher glossier and more slippery. I would have to reapply after heavy meals because i would have patches of bare skin peeking but i really don't mind it). 

The effect that they give you is those lovely, just-ate-lollies-and-it-stains-my-lips kind of thing. Very pretty, and very nice to do Korean ombre lips with.
Moodmatcher in Light Blue
On my lips the light blue turns to a bright pink shade with a hint of purple, very very pretty and fresh!
Look how juicy it makes my lips look!!! I love love love it!
Even though the color payoff is quite sheer, you can build it up quite well. Not to an opaque result ofc, i already stated that you can't do that with Moodmatchers-but you can achieve a very bright shade by building it up!
Moodmatcher in Black
The black one actually turns out to be quite similar with the light blue one but more purple and a lot darker
It's darker and sultrier
Works well with darker, more full makeup too!
All in all - a very very lovely product! I love it so much that i keep on wanting to wear it every day because they are so pretty, comfortable and effortless!

Granted, i wouldn't recommend this if you are the type that always want a full, opaque, polished lip - but i personally think it's a very nice addition to any girl's makeup collection, plus - it's always fun to apply a light blue lipstick in front of people to shock them but then it turns out super normal looking *LOL*.

If you are a fan of lip tints, i would highly, highly recommend trying out Moodmatcher. In comparison to the usual watery lip tints, i find Moodmatcher to be more pigmented, much easier to apply and blend - plus they are not drying at all!

These Moodmatchers that i tried are the original variant (they also have other types like the pearl, split *very very cute!* and they now even have a liquid ones that i am dying to try!), other than light blue and black they also have a lot of other shades to choose from : 
Price wise, Moodmatcher is quite affordable at IDR 66.000 each, you can purchase them online directly fom their website or you can also find them in various drugstores - i often saw them at Guardians!
Thank you Moodmatcher for the chance to try out your lovely products, they have found their permanent place in my makeup pouch :D! 
You see the slight tint on my lips? Those are the remnants of the light blue Moodmatcher after a heavy meal (and wearing lip balms underneath) ^^!

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  1. Lovely shades for lovely lady. Gonna try mine soon. This post intrigued me 😊💖✨