Greetings from Singapore!

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Well, i should say that if i'm in Hawaii but there's no Singaporean for hallo so... :p. As you probably already know, i am currently in Singapore-and as an ex resident (not to mention having half of my extended family living here), this is definitely not a trip, more like a holiday in my second hometown (since i used to live here for three years as a teenager, this feels more like home than say, Banjarmasin-the city where i was born in) and i've really been enjoying these two days.
That's us earlier in a bus on the way to Tampines. My mum LOVES long bus rides, i guess you'd find bus rides to be fun when you don't get to ride any back home, i personally still prefer MRT. It's faster!

I have some drafted posts that i will post periodically, but right now i just want to do the "Instagram dump" kind of post and update you on what i've basically been doing (although if you've already follow ny IG then you'd already see all of them. If you haven't... Why not? My user name is @mgirl8 *wink*).
Selfie-ing nonstop with my Baby Boy.
And hubster/hunny.

Sulking for not being able to sleep in my own bedroom. Eating nonstop...
The colorful rose pao from Rosie Pao in Juanda International Airport, of course i only bought them for the shape and color! I don't even like paos!
Selca-ing with Instagram-worthy food is also a must.
Ordering my favorite Singaporean foods that sometimes i even dream about. The black char kway teow is my ultimate fave, although i haven't manage to eat the nice one. That one i had yesterday in Chua Chu Kang was just so so.
Oyster omelette is another firm fave of mine.
Rojak (not to be confused with Indonesian rujak, which is just as nice but totally different) and popiah (again, not to be confused with lumpia #LOL #important). I can make a guide on what to eat in SIngapore.
Salted chicken, which my mum loves. She often make them back home as well.

We also snack nonstop and basically grab everything that we don't have in Indonesia.
Like flavored Kit Kat (we only have the original in Indonesia, and sometimes the white one zzzz).
Purple Jagabee (we don't even have the normal Jagabee in Indonesia, again zzzz).
And limited edition Magnum, it's champagne flavored! 
The chocolate coating was silver! How strange. So many commented on this pic in social medias asking if it's nice, it was just okay for me. Not the biggest fan of champagne (yes, really got champagne taste!), not even in ice cream form. But worth a try for sure.

I still take outfit pics of course, whenever i'm wearing something remotely nice.
Like this batik dress i wore today.
Selfie-ing for #FOTD and #MOTD in the middle of Toys R' Us because that's how i roll. Still being a good endorser and snap pics of the cute pastel colored knot hairties that Lulla kindly sent me just for my trip.
Wore the baby purple one to go with my purple batik dress today.

Yesterday we went to visit my grandmother at Chua Chu Kang and today we went to Tampines because they have a big Toys R' Us and Baby Boy's been demanding to go to one!
He must've felt like he was in paradise haha. I love Toys R' Us too because i will always have this excited little girl inside of me. She demanded for a Sailor Moon gachapon :
And longed for this unicorn plushie :
Since i am too old (and cheap), i decided just to take a selfie with it instead hahaha. Imma buy My Little Pony one though coz i can use it as photo props (or at least, that's the reason i'm going to use if anyone asks why a 31 year old mum of one son needs a My Little Pony doll #neednotwant)

I also been shopping nonstop because there're so many sale going round zzzz. Last time i was in Singapore, i hardly  bought anything because everything was so expensive, but this time round... Everything is so damn cheap (i mean... cute socks and earring sets for SGD 1??? That's insaneeeee) i'm just about to go nutz #sigh. I haven't taken any pics of my shopping (in fear of people attacking me with "CAN YOU HELP ME BUY????". To which the answer is NO. Except if : 1. You're willing to buy me more baggage allowance (IDR 200.000, i'm serious) and 2. Transfer me the money first because i do not bring enough SGD. I'm not even kidding, if you're willing to do those, then i'll do it).

Last time i wrote that Singapore seemed to has lost its charm on me because i was so disinterested and unexcited last time, i guess i am very wrong-i am just not interested in Singapore as a trip destination, if i have very limited time here. But if i can walk down the memory lane and pretend i live here again, i'm actually still madly in love with Singapore. Used to think this country's so boring and i couldn't wait to leave it behind, now i long for it all the time. Grass is always greener on the other side i guess.

Writing this has been fun! I've decided, i'll be doing this every few days then! I hope you enjoy reading this post too!

TTY soon!


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  1. asik nya ya shoppnig2 di singapore... :)
    itu rose pao nya lucu banget ya :)

    1. Aduhhh pulang2 bagasi sgt overweightttt

  2. Oh, dulu pernah tinggal di singapore to? Berapa hr ce di sana? Have fun! Coba Jagabee yg seaweed deh :D

    1. Haha iya, keluarga mamaku juga disana semua. Sebulannnn *LOL*. Errr, aq ga suka seaweed nih...

  3. i like your picture...very nice capture ! nice to see u