One Day Princess : Gyeongbokgung Palace (South Korea)

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Hey guys!

I remember i promised a more detailed post about my Princessy Hanbok (ofc i am aware that this hanbok is not exactly like the one worn by real princesses back in the day, i'm pretty sure they didn't appreciate pastel colors back then and there are most probably details that can only be worn by royalties) in my One Day Hanbok review, it is here at last :)).
#Pink who uncharacteristically opted for a baby blue hanbok instead of a baby pink one hehe
To enhance the experience, we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace so i was frolicking all day in the palace, feeling like a real princess :)).
Welcome to my home you guys *teehee*
It was a rather gloomy day, raining (albeit lightly) and all, but that didn't dampen my spirit to snap photos in every part of this amazing palace
The only thing that is out of place is definitely the sneakers hahahaha... Unlike kimonos, they didn't actually provide any footwear at hanbok rental places. I wonder if it's because your feet are supposed to be concealed by the skirt and we're just a tad too tall or what (but Korean girls are pretty tall leh...)
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Erm. Ancient Korean princess don't really wear highlighter like that tho...
Seriously in love with that headband, sad that i can't find one that's similar to it, hik!
If you've been to Gyeongbokgung Palace before and wondering which part of it this was taken, don't be confused... This one's taken nearby One Day Hanbok on the way to the station hahahaha

One of the rare photos where my vision actually translates into reality WTF
Now this photos is a bit like the reality part of expectation VS reality compared to the previos photo, yea? LOL
Meet my lady in waiting HAHAHAHA
Aren't we cute :p
Which princess has a bleached hair ends? This rebellious one, ofc

I really like this photo as well... I feel like it could belong to an ancient scroll or something hahahaha
I think i spent the day acting more dainty and feminine than i normally do, it's amazing what you wear can affect the way you feel about yourself
Lots and lots of picturesque spots in Gyeongbokgung because... well, it is a PALACE! LOL
Definitely the top choice of destination in Soul if you decided to wear Hanboks
Another photo where i feel like i traveled back in time
LOLOLOL, in a hindsight this is a very silly pose since there was no fruit or flower for me to admire! Why was i so excited to see leaves for??? This seemed like such a good idea at the time hahaha
That's the end of the pretentious photos, next set are extra photos we took that day :p 

Btw, i got a few photos that i really love, most of them i feel quite frustrated by ofc but at least that day my annoying photographer wasn't being too irritating hahahaha.
That's him hahahaha. I think he only started to get irritated when it start drizzling and he had to hold an umbrella while snapping endless photos of me who skipped around asking to get my photos taken nonstop

Hehehe, my daddy with KC and hunny, aren't they cute???
My parents :))

When all else fails : selfie!
Can't believe duckie celebrated her 20th bday just yesterday WTF, how can she be an adult already
Straight out of period Korean drama, yas? LOL
That's all for today kids, don't forget if you go to South Korea and want to rent hanbok, One Day Hanbok can be your choice - i'm not saying it's perfect, but it's quite good and at least i've tried their services and they're quite good so that's better than blindly go to any rental, no?

Btw, i actually would highly recommend experiencing wearing hanbok if you go, at least for the Gram! They are so pretty and comfortable, and a lot cheaper than renting kimonos in Japan, haha! I personally would love to experience it again next time, especially if i go with my girl friends, it'd be so much fun...



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