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You guys ready for another review? It's a good one, you don't wanna miss it :D! Today we're gonna talk about PAC 's latest line : PAC Studio Coverage series ^^...

PAC Studio Coverage Series
I'm pretty sure the brand PAC needs no more introduction as it is one of the most famous professional makeup brand in Indonesia, created by Martha Tilaar (which is THE most famous name in the local beauty industry) initially to fulfill the needs of high quality stage artistic look and now is very widely known and used by loads of high profile professionals who works in the local beauty industry. You can learn more about the brand here, if you are curious. 

I, as someone who can be categorized as working in the beauty industry, have heard about this brand from long time ago obviously but personally didn't have a lot of experiences with them yet. I love Martha Tilaar brands and use a lot of their products from their other brands, not necessarily PAC tho and i am glad that i finally get to try them out. Imma get it out first : they don't disappoint. I love them haha. 
PAC Studio Coverage Series currently consists of Hydrating Primer, Foundation and Loose Powder
I would say it's safe to say that one of the most crucial things when it comes to makeup is a good base. Your skin and complexion is the canvas on which you would start your work of art (your makeup, ofc!) therefore you need a good, excellent base for that flawless finish.

To cater to that, PAC launched Studio Series which are an Ultra HD makeup for 4K camera! They arrive with wrinkle and pore blurring effect as well as soft focus effect that can conceal flaws on our face so that our faces appear flawless on camera even after Ultra HD resolution. Now we no longer need apps to edit and smooth our face out anymore, yay!

Let's talk about the products one by one!
PAC Studio Coverage Hydrating Primer, 30g
The primer comes in a cardboard box that bore the signature PAC style, black and white, sleek and professional looking
Ingredient List
Info on the primer
The primer comes in a small squeeze tube that is dominated with black color
And it comes with my fave type of mechanism for primer : pump! Keep in mind at first you need to pump about gazillion times before the product squirts out haha
The primer is semi opaque white with just the right consistency, not too runny but not too thick either and it has a pleasant, soft floral scent. I don't normally enjoy floral scents on my makeup , but this one's soft and calming enough for me to not only tolerate it but actually liking it
I don't think we have a lot of face primers from local brands yet, especially not the higher end ones so i was very excited about this primer. I had high expectations for it (being from such a prestigious brand and all), and i am definitely not disappointed! The primer is very soft, lovely, a breeze to use and it immediately leave my skin feeling silky smooth and my pores blurred! It also definitely helps to make my base makeup applies easier, prettier, and stays perfect longer! Thumbs up for the primer, i am huge fan ^^!

This primer claims to be a color enhancer, for long lasting makeup (i can vouch for that, and i have oily skin!), multifunction (can be used as both face and eye primer!), contains Sodium Hyaluronic to moisturize your skin, PMMA Powder for sebum control, anti irritant and suitable for all skin  types and tones.

Even though it's called Hydrating Primer, it feel super light and mattifying (without making my skin feels dry or dehydrated) for me - which is pretty much everything that i look for in a primer! If you want a dewy finish tho, i'm not sure that this is the right product for you. 

Unfortunately i have no idea about the price, i searched on their website and official store but couldn't find it, i guess it's so new they haven't even updated their website yet!
PAC Studio Coverage Liquid Foundation, 35ml IDR 330.000
My foundation comes in a cute black can which is their limited edition ^^
Ingredient List
I chose the lightest shade 01 (because i am pale as a ghost, haven't you notice? LOL), they also have 02, 03 and 04 for more yellow and tan skin colors)
PAC Studio Coverage Liquid Foundation comes in a luxe looking glass bottle, as it is made of glass it is quite weighty. I am quite nervous tho coz i am clumsy so anything made of glass scares me quite a bit
The foundation also comes with a pump, which i love-obviously! 
You can find info of the shade etc at the bottom of the bottle too, sorry it's so blurry >.<
The consistency of this foundation is very very light, runny and watery. According to my fellow bloggers, you need to give it a fine, long shake to make it slightly thicker but in general it is still a very light and watery type of foundation. The shade 01 is quite pale, pink tone and it matches my skin quite perfectly! 
Scent wise, it has the characteristic foundie smell (if you wear foundations then you probably know what i mean!) , nothing offensive tho. I would categorize this foundation as very light coverage, it's not a bad thing for me as i prefer a more natural foundation, but if you like full FULL coverage then you might not like this as much. I personally use two layers as it is quite buildable, and with the second layer i would say that the coverage would increase to medium.

Although it is very light, the two layers leave my skin super flawless but still skin like - and it's so light that i don't feel like i am wearing foundation! One thing that i hate the most about foundation is the thick, mask like feel - if you have the same problem as me, you really need to check this foundie out coz it's super light weight!

The foundie is ofc claiming to have a pore and wrinkle blurring effect, i don't really know about wrinkle but it does further blurs my pores on top of the primer. It also claims to have matte effect (totally agree!), film forming (it creates a light layer on your skin so makeup would stay longer and waterproof), and contains skin protections (UV protections, bisabolol as anti-irritant and vitamin C as anti oxidant).

One thing that i must note is the fact that is is very matte (in the best way possible tho), when i have dry patches it would cling to it so i would probably recommend this foundie to people who have oily or normal skin, i'm not sure how suitable it would be on dry skin (might work if you mix it with face oil or moisturize heavily beforehand tho) - what i know is that this foundie is beautiful on oily skin and it actually makes my skin look better as time goes by and the natural oil on my skin began appearing!
L-R : Before and After
Even though it is very light, it can cover all of my redness and minor marks on my skin
I think the photos speaks for itself, i personally don't have a lot of problem with my skin other than some redness and uneven skin tone - you can see at the after photo how flawless my skin look, all pores and imperfection blurred out. They are not kidding, it does look like my skin is being filtered when i fact i didn't do anything to the photos at all!
Flawless skin, and this is before concealer!
The last but not least, probably my fave product out of the three (and i really love all three!) is this :
PAC Studio Coverage Loose Powder, 20g
Like the foundation, my loose powder comes in a can packaging which is limited edition
The loose powder comes in a normal loose powder jar container
OFC i also went for 01 (they also have 02 which is yellow toned)
I love the packaging and how luxe and high end it looks!
Perfectly sealed and comes with a thick puff (i prefer to use kabuki brush to apply my powder tho)
The loose powder is super finely milled, light and lovely! It sets my base pefectly and gives a dramatic blurring effect (i even tested it out with light BB Cream and no primer, it still manages to blur out my pores!). The shade 01 is very light but it is almost translucent 
I applied eyeshadow already because i forgot that i had to take a photo
Absolutely love the result!
The loose powder is very soft and light, as it is a loose powder it gives almost no coverage so if you want more coverage from your powder i guess you need to use other powder. I personally normally would use two types of powder on myself, a mattifying translucent loose powder and followed by a pressed powder that has a bit of coverage - but i love this loose powder so much i never add any other powder under/on top of it, i even bake my under eyes using this! I would say that this powder is the perfect powder, the only one i ever need *LOL*, dramatic as it sounds!

When i heard to name Studio Coverage Ultra HD, my expectation is flawless skin that looks edited, and guess what... I got what i want! Not only that, i got an extra bonus with the fact that the trio makes my makeup last all day long and together they have good oil control too! Needless to say, i am in love with this series!

Like the primer, i also cannot find the loose powder at their website yet so i have no idea how much they cost, i did see them in PAC counters already tho so if you're interested then you can drop by the nearest PAC counter to check the prices ^^.
Seriously, if this is not flawless, i don't know what is!
To be completely honest, the only thing that is hindering me from forcing everybody to buy this line is the rather steep price tag. PAC is a professional makeup brand and their quality really is top notch, so the high price range is quite understandable, but i also understand that not everybody has a lot of budget for your makeup so while i would definitely recommend this line for those who can (as the three work so well to create absolutely beautiful finish), for those of you with tighter budget i would probably recommend checking out one or two of the products from this line and combine it with what you have. 

My fave is the powder so i would recommend getting at least that, but i would say that it depends on your needs too. 

Please keep in mind that every skin is different so the result may also vary (you can check out my fellow Surabaya Beauty Bloggers' reviews as well to see how this series work on other skin types as this review is a collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger with PAC), i am just sharing my experience (which is a very good experience) with these products ^^.

Thank you PAC for the chance to try out these wonderful products, i definitely will continue wearing them!


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    the products are promising.

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