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Hello my dearest :),

I want to introduce you to a prestigious new clinic in town today, it's Puro Clinic by Dream ^^.
Puro Clinic
Tunjungan Plasa 6
4th Floor No 18
Jl. Embong Malang No 36 Surabaya
Puro Clinic - Korean Anti-Aging Aesthetic Solutions is a partnership between Dream International Holdings (Korea and Singapore) and Dr Kenneth Thean (Singapore). If you are into everything Korean, you probably have heard about Dream Plastic Surgery before as they are very famous in South Korea and a lot of big Korean stars go there to get all kinds of treatments. To learn more about Puro Clinic anhd Dream International Holding, you can go to their company profile.
A while ago, i alongside a few Surabaya beauty influencers went to a gathering to learn more about Puro and also get meet the man behind Puro Clinic, Dr. Kenneth Thean  who is an established aesthetic doctor from Singapore who has more than 36 years of medical experience. He was also the founder Administrator of the Singapore National Skin Center. When we first learn of dr. Kenneth's age, we were totally blown away! His skin is very very nice and he doesn't look a day over 50 while in fact, he is already over 60! This serves as a living testimony of Puro Clinic's quality of course and i feel very reassured that my skin in in good hands here ^^.
This is the waiting area for Puro Clinic. It is super cozy and beautiful as Puro Clinic is an exclusive medical clinic and their vision is to be the specialist of choice for premium, safe and effective aesthetic treatments in Indonesia - and it all reflects on how clean, luxe and comfortable their clinic is. Puro's doctor will come and talk to the patients here for their utmost comfort and peace of mind
When learning about Puro, one thing that caught my attention a lot is the fact that Puro offers a unique combination of Singapore and Korea expertise creating customized treatments especially formulated for Asian skin, from head to toe and also because their treatments are highly effective yet are minimally invasive with low to medium downtime. This part is very important for me as i personally much prefer non to low invasive procedures for myself, especially because i am very afraid of needles and such >.<.

At Puro, they first want to understand their patient's needs and conditions, then they would propose effective amd customised treatments that are best suited for their lifestyle.

I was lucky enough to get to try out a few of Puro Clinic's (many) treatments and i am going to share my experience with them.

First up, i experienced their Puro Clarity Facial which is a pre-laser facial to more thoroughly cleanse the face, with extraction to enhance the results of their laser treatments.
I thoroughly enjoyed their facial - and that's saying a lot because more often than not, i dread facial since extractions are usually very painful (but i always endure them because i want my skin to be clean and smooth, and that can only be achieved with monthly facials in my case) - not in Puro! Their skilled therapists are very gentle, careful yet totally thorough - i actually fell asleep during extraction, how awesome is that? It was totally painless and comfortable, yet effective because at the end of the treatment i checked and she got every single black and white heads on my face!

After the Clarity Facial, it was time for the to experience one of their best seller treatments, Jin Ju Glow Carbon Laser. It is a non-ablative laser procedure that starts by application of a medical grade liquid carbon on the skin. It gently removes the top layer of skin, improve the skin's radiance and promotes a smooth and glowing complexion. It also helps to reduce pore size, acne and post acne discoloration, exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, even out skin tone and texture, also removes pigmentation.
All that black soot are the liquid carbon, ofc :))
I won't lie to you, i was very very nervous going in, the word laser scares me a lot and well.. While i wouldn't call it a walk in the park, it's totally bearable although in some parts (probably where i have deeper pigmentation or thinner skin layer) it feels sharper and hotter. They used different kind of lasers in this procedures and your doctor will always explain what they are doing next so you know what to expect and that really calms me down a lot. 
L - Before, R - After
The after photo was taken right after the treatment so my face was a little swollen (totally normal for my sensitive skin after facials) and red, but still - compared to any other facials i had in the past, i look much better after treatments in Puro! At least i could still hang out at the mall without feeling insecure haha!

Different skin would have different effect and reaction, as for me on the fourth day i experience some mild peeling on the sides of my face (i was informed by my doctor that this is totally normal and expected) that goes away on the 6th day or so. I also got a few tiny pimples (also totally normal as the laser flush out all imperfection from your skin and helps to get rid of them faster) - other than that i didn't really had any side effects. 

One thing that i immediately notice from Jin Ju Glow Carbon Laser is how they dramatically reduce the size of my pores (i am not exaggerating! I have very oily, sensitive skin and normally my pores are HUGE and now they are muchhhh smaller - with just one treatment!), my skin is also less oily, a lot smoother (like a baby's bottom) and it's more glowing!

Not only Clarity Facial and Jin Ju Glow Carbon Laser, i also got to experience their Puro Diamond V-Lift ^^. It is a safe, non-invasive treatment has been clinically proven to help smoothen, tauten and lift the skin with no downtime.

I absolutely love this type of treatment because although i am forever told that i look much younger than my age *ahem*, i am in my mid 30s and the Diamond V-Lift really makes a difference on how my skin looks (it helps to reduce my double chin as well!). Let's just say that i edit my Instagram photos less after being introduced to Puro Diamond V-Lift *LOL*.
Notice how the right side of my face is higher already??? This is before the left side is being treated. Oh, it look wet and red on the right due to the gel used and because the Diamond V-lift is using special radio frequency modalities to heat subcutaneous dermal tissue
This treatment is totally painless, you just feel a warm feeling on your skin - the therapist will adjust the heat to a point where it works maximally without compromising your comfort. Don't hesitate to tell them if the heat gets uncomfortable because they would immediately lower it.

I took a photo and posted it on my Instagram Stories and a friend immediately PM me telling me that it made a huge difference as my face appear smaller and she wants to book an appointment right away after seeing my photo :)).
I did zero editing for this pic, you can see how my face appear more even, more V shaped and lifted
Another treatment that i experienced is their underarm laser hair removal which functions to eliminate underarm hairs and stop underarm's hair growth's phase. It was painless (i am not hairy and my hairs are quite fine, this affects the sensation too as if you have thicker, coarser hair, you can feel the laser being more sharp than how i experienced) and makes a difference even though ideally you need to repeat the procedures a few times for the maximum effect - i only did it once and i already notice how it makes my underarm hair grow a lot slower (i usually shave every third day, now i can go weeks without shaving because they simply haven't grow!) and the hair that did grow are a lot softer and thinner!

Overall i really enjoyed the treatments i experienced in Puro Laser Clinic and i would not hesitate to recommend their treatments to everybody ^^.

Thank you Puro Clinic for having me and letting me experience your services.


(Note : This post is written in collaboration with Puro Clinic, all opinions are my own and unbiased)

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