Lip Talk 32 : Candy Color Matte Lip Cream in Hello

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Hi guyssss :D!!!

Are you excited for my first review of February??? I sure am :D!

Why? Because i actually have this product in my latest wishlist that i made last month, i didn't think i would get an item out of that very wishlist so soon! Sooo, thank you Candy Color for granting me one of my wishes ^^...
Me rocking Candy Color Matte Lip Cream
If you are not aware yet, Candy Color is one of the coolest new comer in Indonesia's beauty world,  its cute packaging and name caught my attention super fast! I love local brands and i totally root for them, but sometimes local brands packaging can be pretty tacky or boring - but looking at Candy Color's packaging you would probably think that it's an international brand instead!

Anyway, Candy Color very kindly let me choose the shade that i wanted, although their shades are all looking very interesting - i knew right away which color i wanted and that's Hello

I mean, just look :
At this! C'mon! You can't tell me that Candy Color doesn't mean serious business here!
Andddd before we go any further, let me tell you this : Hello is my current favorite lip cream. Yes, i mean it. You might say that i state this a lot *LOL*, but it's true! Thing is, local brands are really stepping up their games and whenever i try something new, i seem to love it more than the previous so i constantly getting a new fave >.<!

Btw, let me show you how the package arrive first :
Such a nice package and it made me so happy when i opened it!
Awww so sweet... And it's personalized too! 
And now, let us start this review for reals
Candy Color Matte Lip Cream comes in a white cardboard box with black lettering and rainbow looking design at the top in corresponding shade as the lip cream inside
I love love LOVE the extra trouches!
Proudly Made in Indonesia!
Ingredient list
You can find the shade's name on the top
The lip cream itself is housed inside a transparent plastic tube (i always appreciate transparent bottles that make color spotting a breeze) with white design and cap

There's a sticker on the bottom of the tube with the shade's name on it, oh and each tube contains 4ml worth of product
The wand is medium length with slanted applicator. I personally don't think this applicator is the easiest shape to use but it's not the hardest either
And how Hello looks swatched : 
Candy Color Matte Lip Cream in Hello
The texture of this lip cream is my fave texture, it's not thick (i hate the gloopy, super thick type) but it's also not super runny - it's somewhere in the middle and i find that this type of lip cream feels very wet and watery when applied but dries fast and matte without being too dry of cracky. 

Candy Color Matte Lip Cream is very pigmented, it is fairly easy to get an opaque shade without re-dipping the wand. It does dry down fast that it made me a bit nervous, but it's also easy to apply a second layer without it bunching up or shifting so as long as you don't overdraw or made a major mistake on the application it should be fine.

I always wear moisturizing lip balms under any lippie and that can usually alter the finishing or performance of lip creams, but Candy Color Matte Lip Cream do not seem to have any problem with my lip balm, it still dries down matte and although it still transfers a bit, it's nothing major. It is very long wearing (but if you wear lip balms underneath, removing it is fairly easy) and is very comfortable. It does feel a bit dry after a few hours (like all lippies do), i'd just apply lip gloss/lip balm on top and it would revive the lip color. I have no problem wearing this lip cream for long hours as long as i bring my lip balm/gloss with me to freshen up.

It has a pleasant vanilla scent, i personally enjoy the scent but if you dislike strongly scented lippies then this might be a bit distracting for you. It goes away after you apply it tho so it should not be a big problem.

On the website, they describe Hello as nude dusty rose, and i do think that this would be such a beautiful nude shade for deeper skin tones - but as i have very fair skin, it's definitely more on the vampy side for me.

On me, i see it as a dark, brownish red shade and i find it totally spice up my makeup but still wearable even on broad daylight. Weirdly, when i snapped a pic of the lip swatch in front of my ringlight, it looks almost purplish!
Hello under artificial light. As you can see, it does cling to the dry bits on my lip (this pic was taken when my lip condition was not in its top shape) like all liquid matte lipsticks does, this can be avoided if you scrub and prep your lips better than i did!
Hello with full make up under artificial light
And under day light it looks a lot more coral-ish :
Either way i love Hello and i think it suits me pretty well... What do you think?

I thoroughly enjoy wearing Candy Color Matte Lip Color and it's currently is a permanent resident on my pouch! 

I would definitely recommend Candy Color's Matte Lip Color for those of you who are looking for a lovely, nicely scented, comfortable, matte but not drying lip cream without breaking your bank (they retail for IDR 89.000 each) - and for the shade Hello, i would say for deep skin color it could be a gorgeous nude lippies and on fair skin tones it can be a bold but still very wearable shade.

I would not recommend this... probably only for those of you who cannot stand scent on your lips because honestly for the price tag and the way it performs, i cannot find anything else to fault!

Thank you Candy Color for the chance to try out this lovely lip cream, and now i am super curious to try out the other shades in their collection!
Candy Color Matte Lip Cream currently available in four shades, i sure hope they'd come up with more shades in the future!

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