Event Report : Emdee Clinic Enhancing the Beauty in You

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Hi y'all!

Sorry for being missing these last couple of days, i've been feeling severely under the weather. I think i definitely have some sort of cosmic connection with #Undecided because she's been very sick, she's actually been admitted to the hospital right now so please send your positive thoughts her way, hope she'll get better ASAP!

Anyway, onto a happier note! I want to share with you another fun event that we attended last week!
With my fellow beauty blogger (plus Ika *LOL*, i think Ika is more of a lifestyle blogger?)
The event was held by Emdee Clinic and supported by LT Pro. As you can see from the invite, the event went down at Mercure hotel and the perks of being bloggers is that we got to skip the tickets :D
Registration and immediately welcomed with goodie bags :D
Emdee Clinic's booth. There's also LT Pro's booth on the side, you will see more of that later
The room was already packed when we arrived, but Emdee already reserved a table for us so we didn't have to worry about finding seats and being separated. Thank you for being thoughtful, Merli and team!
Participants were all looking very pumped and excited
MC of the day. Oh, i need to warn you in advance, the room's lighting was VERY yellow (honestly that's not very good for beauty classes since we can't even see the true colors of the products we applied to our faces >.<) and on the right-especially from where i was sitting, there were all glass windows/doors/walls which means the afternoon sun shone directly in-this resulted in very bad quality photos! Everything's backlighted T.T please excuse the photos!!!
Topic of the day is all about enhancing your (outer) beauty and it was divided into two sessions. The first session was conducted by Emdee's very own pretty lady, dr. Leni ^^
Unfortunately there was something wrong with the projector/screen so the right side of the screen was severely blurry :(. Dr. Leni first broached the subject of the currently highly coveted facial shape (especially by Asian ladies who watch too many K-Drama :D)
You can achieve the desired effect using both makeup (non-permanent, obviously) and science (more permanent, but since this time we're discussing about non-surgery procedures, the effect is also non-permanent but still last much longer than makeup)
Song Hye Kyo, the forever ideal face Asian ladies idolize ^^
The many possible options to enhance your features
For non surgical procedures, doctors would choose or combine botox, filler and thread lift according to your needs (that's why you need to have a good doctors to consult with)
Explanation about filler
Botox is something that i would definitely consider in the future
Thread lift 
Model for the demo. She has rather flat features that dr. Leni mould to be better defined and more V-shaped
Injection around the chin area
Doing this kind of job is sure is some form of art and the doctor is the artist. As you'd want a good artist for your art works, you'd definitely want a good doctor for your face. Prestigious clinics are a must if you ever consider getting any procedures done, Emdee Clinic is def a good choice!
After the procedure demo, the first session was closed and next was a break time for lunch!
Still snapping pics nonstop while queueing, that's bloggers for ya!
Like i mentioned earlier, there's LT Pro's booth
Ohhh  lipsticks (start drooling on cue *LOL*, i'm a lipstick addict and i admit it!). We were given IDR 100.000 vouchers to spend (it's clearly written that it has NO minimum spending but turned out we have to spend over 100k to use it. It was not a problem for me, but i did feel bad for my fellow bloggers who only wanted to buy one product. Some of them ended up not getting anything in the end. Maybe next time LT Pro better write down "cannot be used for amount under IDR 100k" coz bloggers are into details like that #sorry ) which i ended up using for an eyeshadow palette and their famed long lasting lip cream
The queue was long and we were among the last to reach the front-and by the time we had food in our plates the MC was already like "please eat faster because we need to start second session". I would so hold him responsible if we choked!!! LOL
Nom nom nom
This shot was totally accidental, lucky for Nessya i took such nice pics even when i wasn't even looking #talent !!!
Some of the colorful LT Pro products we get to play with during the beauty class
The second session is the Makeup part, with Malvava doing the makeup demo as well as giving us very useful tips and tricks for self-makeup application in general and of course-countouring
I have no prior experience with LT Pro before (except for their jet black pencil eyeliner that O gifted to me a while back), i was totally pleasantly surprised at how complete and professional (well, of course. This brand is often used by makeup artists and well known for their high quality products) their products are. This is their foundation primer
Excuse my stupid camera and its stubborness to focus on everything else but the primer zzz. The primer was a thick gel that spread out nicely giving your skin a very smooth feeling
There was just one issue with this session for the bloggers. If you read the invitation carefully, you'll see that it stated that "makeup tools" would be provided. Wellll.. I'm not sure if they confuse makeup tools with makeup products, because there were no brushes available. We weren't informed that we had to bring our own brushes either-it was not a big deal actually except the fact that they seemed to blame us for it *LOL*. Well, we still tried to be good sports and used our fingers *LOLOLOL*. I purposefully had only very minimal makeup from home that day (which is very rare) and all...
The foundie that was provided is the cream type in a jar
I have very oily skin and i like lighter foundies, so generally i would stay away from this type of foundie. I did swatch it on my hand and was surprised that it was much lighter than i expected. The coverage is crazy tho! If you ever need a FULL coverage foundie, maybe you can try this
LT Pro also has a new contouring palette, totally loving how Indonesian brand are now following trends and also come up with more attractive packaging so they can actually compete with international brands. It's a cream contouring palette tho, i personally hope they'd come up with a powder one for oily skinned ladies such as myself
Malvava demonstrating the right position to apply your contouring product (basically under your cheekbones)
I also didn't know LT Pro has eye shadow primer, this beauty class has introduced so many of their products that i was totally oblivious about before
Devita snapped this pic of us busy playing with makeup hahaha
Swatched their Long Lasting Matte Lip Cream, unfortunately due to the yellow lighting the swatches were not very clear here >.<. Also at the top is their matte lipstick (non-liquid) that i was actually more attracted to but since the Long Lasting Matte Lip Cream got such a hype (and reviewing it would garner more readers *LOL*), i relented and bought one (the palest one which i hoped to be Kylie Jenner type of color-but it turned out coral on my pale skin -___-)
Best makeup winners
There was also a mini fashion show by Myhola Batik (which is actually owned by an old friend. Melda, if you're reading this, hello!)
We got a certificate!
Goodie bags and products that i bought using the voucher that came with the goodie bag
Thank you Emdee Clinic for having us, and special thank you for Merli and dr. Leni ^^!

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  1. Ok juga yaa LT pro ini. Harganya juga terjangkau

  2. Aku sukaa banget LT Pro! Lagi make esedo primer, lipcream, sama eyeshadownya. Itu contouring kitnya baru yaa? Waaah kudu dicoba nihh.
    Seru banget eventnyaa Miiin :D

    XOXO, Cilla

    1. Iyaa nih contouring kit nya baru, packagingnya cakep juga yahhh... Hihihi iya seru, thank you udah mampir yahh

  3. Cool! I like your blog!

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