Singapore Trip 2015 (Part 3) : S.E.A Aquarium

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Hey hey hey!

Continuing my Singapore Trip post! Not bad right, compared to last time :p. Hope to be able to finish it soon so i can blog about Japan! Anyway... It's all about S.E.A Aquarium today!
Lucky enough to met the mascot and took a pic with it!
Is it just me but every time i see a mascot which is that short i always wonder about the person inside the costume. Sometimes they're simply too short and employing kids are forbidden right... LOL. Btw, sometimes Singaporean are too strict that it annoys me, i mean we only put our hands gently on the mascot's back and the handler freaked, say no touching no touching. At moments like this i really wanted to kick the mascot in the back just to annoy the handler *LOLOLOL* #evil. 

Oh, i have a rather long and tiring background story about this. So this trips was all about Little O, so i wanted to entertain him and take him to all the places he wanted to go. Last time we went to Singapore, S.E.A was not opened yet, so we purposefully set a day to go to S.E.A and another day to USS (both are located in Sentosa). We purchased our tickets from (dunno why i keep on insisting to do so when we already met so much troubles multiple times with them zzz, but this time it's our own fault la). 

CL already mentioned that we should exchange the voucher with actual tickets at Changi, but for some reasons hunny and i thought that we could just do it at the S.E.A (there's a small writing stating that we should exchange it at Changi), i just didn't read it properly while hunny thought it was ok because we did that before in other places (Disneyland HK to be one of them). So we went to Sentosa, paid the gruesome train ticket and all-only to be told that we HAVE to go back to Changi to exchange the tickets WTF.

I know it's our own fault, but sadly the S.E.A employees also didn't do much to help us WTF. Other than making us even more panicked, that is. In the end because i am kiasu, we went all the way to Changi (and pretty much waste our whole day) while panicking and was sure that our tickets are as good as gone (because it was already late noon since we went pretty late coz we didn't think we'd spend too much time at S.E.A anyway)-and then the staff at Changi told us that our tickets are actually open and can be used any time WTF *LOL*.

Seriously, shouldn't the S.E.A staff know that the tickets' open dates? At first they even insisted that our tickets cannot be used, period-before trying to find out the reason why when we insisted. I also met this kind of problems before in Disneyland Hong Kong, but the employees were a lot more helpful, as they made calls and contact their agents to help us out. Not the S.E.A employees, they told us to call our Indonesian agents ourselves and basically told us to scram *LOL*. While it's still our own fault at large, i am totally less than impressed by their staffs' unwillingless to help. If they were friendlier and more accommodating, i would definitely be praising their services to the moon and back. But BLAH. Nope. Nope. Nope. Call me queen of complainers, but  Resort Worlds Sentosa's staffs needs to be retrain for friendliness/helpfulness in general. 

Oh well, we ended up going back the next day. No more drama, don't worry-now you can just enjoy the photos. Especially if you're into fishes (i am not).
S.E.A Aquarium is actually attached to the Maritime Museum (which is a lot more interesting to me than the aquarium itself) and we have to pass the museum before we get to the S.E.A Aquarium.
We already went (and spent a lot of time) at the museum a few years ago (before S.E.A opened), while it's actually very interesting for first timer, we didn't want to waste our time looking at the exact same things twice. I have detailed photos from our last visit there in my old folders, just let me know if any of you are interested in a review of the museum!
Au should already know by now that when i take pictures, they'd ended up in my blog. It's not my fault if she chooses to act crazy in those pictures, especially because i didn't even know she was there...
Before we got in, we (as in CL and i) got distracted by ice creammm... Andddd i just realized that it's called Il Gelato di Bruno. Is it the same as the one in Spazio, Surabaya?
Look how happy CL looks when there's ice cream involved...
I was in awe because there's a Hello Kitty flavored ice cream... But it's not cute so i wasn't interested *LOL*
I have a thing for lollies...
But i needed coffee so i settled for this!
Okay, let's get in!
Love this pic ^^
Sea eels are so ugly...
I'm not into fishes, but i must admit that some of them are really pretty!
Especially when it's pastel colored... Like this violet fishie!
I think that little dude is very funny looking with that "nose"
Look, look! Pastel rainbow colored fishie!
New species of fishie KC
This is slightly inappropriate, but i tend to think about seafood whenever i'm in aquariums/sea worlds. I always wanted to try out sea urchins because people keeps on raving about the fresh, real sea taste. I finally tried one in Japan. HOEKS. Ew.
I do have a thing for starfish though. Preferably the fake ones...
So colorfullll
Again i can't stop thinking about cooked lobsters...
Eh, i just have to :p
The prettier, clearer and more artistic photos such as this one were taken by hunny with his NX-300. Told ya he's good with non-human objects
This little fella is really ugly, don't you think? LOL
With my babyyy
Whenever i see this kind of fish, i remember Deuce Bigalow and his blended fish...
So mesmerizing...
Interesting trivia
We were waiting for a show (was it feeding or something...) so we sat around and snacked... Only to be told later that the show was changed into some other type of very boring and uninteresting one zzzzz.
Hunny always has a thing for turkey leg

I think he's obsessed about eating like a barbarian...
Yes, we took each other's pic pigging out, we're cute that way *LOLOLOL*
My boys are definitely more into fishes than me
I like other creatures of the sea though, fishes simply bore me -____-
Hm... Takoyaki.... #slapself
Hmmmm... wonder if this one's also edible...
Stingrays are yummy too...
These guys are hilarious looking!

There were exhibition of some competition
I don't remember why i snapped this pic. Btw, i loved the Noah's Ark. Remember to leave a comment if you want to see more of the museum

We moved to Universal Studio afterward (which i'm going to blog next) and wrapped out visit to S.E.A Aquarium. I'm honestly not that impressed, it doesn't look any different that the many many Sea Worlds i've been in. I think i'm still most blown away by Thai's Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World, i should totally bring Little O there.

If you've never been to neither the museum nor the aquarium, then i'd say it's worth a visit once. But if you've been to the museum before like us, the aquarium's totally skip-able. And i'm still very sore of the staffs. Yes, i do hold grudges.


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  1. ohhh wow =D this is so cool =D

  2. ga prnh bosen emg visit sea aquarium, yg di mana aja deh... tp memang yg di singapur koleksinya lbh lengkap kyknya ya.. :) dan bnr mba, bawaan kalo udh liat ikan2 dan udang ato kepiting, bawaannya pgn dimakan ;p

    1. Hehe iya tp aq plg rekomen yg di Bangkok mba, lbh keren hehehe. Wah berarti bukan cuma aq ya untunglah hahahaha