Eye Stories 14 : Absolute New York Eye Artiste Eyeshadow (in Moss, Mystique and Sugar Plum)

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Heyyylllooo ^^!

2018 has proven to be a little more productive already for me compared to the last months of 2017, i am literally patting myself on the back as i type this *LOL*.

Anyway, i have been blogging here for 5 years but there are still firsts :)), because i think (mind you, i have over 1000 posts by now) i've never reviewed single eye shadows before so this is a first indeed!

You might already know that Surabaya Beauty Bloggers hold our very own Soirees practically every month now, the first one was back in November and one of the sponsors is Absolute New York

Absolute New York is a brand that had caught my attention ever since they arrived in Indonesia (just last year, i believe). I was very excited when they finally opened their first store in Surabaya (in Ciputra World Mall, but they also have a counter in SOGO Pakuwon Mall) but sadly, i couldn't attend their opening because it clashed with my trip schedule to South Korea last November. 

I've been dying to try out their super interesting looking collections and i felt like crying a little because i missed the chance to do so back in November, so i was super excited because now (thanks to the Soiree) i finally get the chance to get my hands on some of their products. Quite a few, actually - i also have a few of their lip products but i will be reviewing them in a different post because today's post is dedicated to Absolute New York Eye Artiste single eye shadows ^^.
I currently have 3 ANY's Eye Artists
According to their website, they have 14 shades in this collection but sadly when we went to their studio (they were kind enough to let us choose the shade we wanted) the shades  available were very limited (the one shade that i was really interested in was Pixie Dust :(... It looks exactly like the shade that i would get a LOT of wear of and i think i can also use it as a highlighter), so i picked the more interesting shades that i could find from what was available.
I have one matte (actually it's only sort of matte) shade called Mystique and two metallic ones called Sugar Plum and Moss. Accidentally picked two from purple family and this was before i even know that Pantone's color of the year 2018 is Ultraviolet! I've always been good at things like this tho *smug*, it's like i'm almost psychic when it comes to beauty and fashion trends sometimes hahaha
Let's talk about the only matte shade first :
Absolute New York Eye Artiste in AEAS16 Mystique
All Eye Artistes come in a black cardboard box with white lettering and a window so you can see the shade inside
You can find the shade's name on the top and bottom of the box
I love how the box's sleeves are color coded according to the product inside, it's little touch like that which shows you that it's a serious, professional brand
Ingredient list
The product itself is housed in a square black casing with transparent window
With the shade's name on the back. Each pan contains 2.25g worth of product
So with naked eyes Mystique looks like a very dark purple and it looks matte, but when i took the close up pic under my very bright light - you can see that it actually has tiny, micro shimmer in them. When you wear it you can't detect the shimmer either BUT
Under super bright lights it does look like it has a metallic sheen! It's so strange... Btw the hand swatch looks a bit like a bruise to me *LOL*
So when applied Mystique shows up brownish, greyish purple. It's very pigmented that i had quite a shock when i first used it because i barely tapped the pan with my brush but it showed up super dark and bold on my lids! I heard that purples are the hardest shade to make in the beauty industry and although Mystique is not a straight purple, it shows some of the characteristics that purple eyeshadows have as in it can be quite patchy and uneven. The pigmentation is there so when you apply it boldly, you would have no problem with it, but when you start blending it, the blended parts can have sort of bald patches. I personally love to use this shade to darken and deepen my crease, it can work for full smokey eyes too ofc, but it would require a bit of work to make it blended perfectly.
Absolute New York Eye Artiste in AEAS15 Sugar Plum
Again on the pan, it looks like an innocent metallic purple
But when you apply it, it gives your multidimensional shade with strong gold shimmer
Just like Mystique, Sugar Plum is very pigmented and it actually applies darker than how it looks on the pan. I thought it's pretty light and it doesn't look very bold on the pan, so i very confidently poke my brush on it and went for it, needless to say i ended up with a much darker, dramatic eye look than i intended that day :)).
Absolute New York Eye Artiste in AEAS14 Moss
Like the name, Moss is a metallic light mossy green shade on the pan
But when you appy it, the gold shimmer is quite strong too
Moss is the only shade out of the three that i have that actually less bold than how it looks on the pan. The pigmentation is not as good as the other two, i did have to build the shade up quite a bit for it to show up boldly on my lids (or the hand swatch).

How all three shades look on my eyes :
I used Mystique all over my lid and crease (then blend it heavily because i didn't plan to wear dark eye makeup that day), Sugar Plum on the middle part of the lid and Moss on my waterline
I dunno if you can see it but when worn Mystique and Sugar Plum surprisingly looks similar but obviously Sugar Plum is a lot more metallic - but the shades are so close to each other some people might think i was just wearing one shade on my lids
I don't normally pair purples with greens, but i really wanted to use all three colors on a look so i just went for it hahaha
I didn't mind the result, i think it would be a fun look if you want a summery look but still look dark and mysterious enough *LOL*
I recently used Mystique and Sugar Plum again for a darker, more coherent look.
The lip product's also from Absolute New York, btw
Overall i think Absolute New York Eye Artiste are nice eye shadows with pretty good performances. They didn't make me jump up and down in excitement or anything (their lippies does, tho :p) but that could be due to the shade selection that didn't really call to me - or because i prefer eyeshadow palettes than singles like these. The texture are pretty smooth, they are not chalky or dry, they go on pretty easily with some fall off so you might want to bake under your eyes (or do your eye makeup first, i prefer to bake tho) when applying them so you can brush the fall off away easily. 

Absolute New York Eye Artiste retails for IDR 80.000 each, which is not a bad price point at all. The pan is pretty big and it will take you forever to finish *LOL*. If you are a simple girl who doesn't experiment with a lot of eye shades, they can be a good choice because of the pretty affordable price tag, size and overall performance - but if you want to get a lot of look out of your eyeshadows then you should probably go for the palettes. I don't have any of Absolute New York's palettes yet so i can't make any comment on their quality, but i am definitely interested in them (i generally am just very interested in all of their products to be honest with you *LOL*, they have so many selections and that really excites me!!!).

So are you a palette girl or singles girl? Let me know on the comment box below ^^!

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