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I am currently in Jakarta (leaving for my next destination tomorrow... Curious where i am heading? Do follow my Instagram @MGirl83 because i update my Instastories like, all the time there hahaha) squeezing sometime to update you with my experience with Clinelle's new signature collection with pure luxury : Clinelle Caviar Gold!
Clinelle Caviar Gold series
I've actually reviewed Clinelle's other line, the PureSwiss Hydra Calm one (you can read my review on Clinelle PureSwiss Hydra Calm here) and in a whole i do like Clinelle a lot, so i was quite excited when they invited me to their event a few weeks ago where they introduced us to this new line as well as taking us to their booth in Guardian Galaxy Mall. Not only that, they also sent us home with a huge box filled with their lovely products!
I didn't get only their Cavial Gold products but also some other products that i will also share my experiences with briefly here
As i did write quite a bit about Clinelle's background in my previous post, imma jump straight into the products, okay? 

Now, i'm pretty sure y'all know what caviar is, right? It is one of the most expensive foods in the world, made of processed and salted tiny fish eggs. Why use caviar as their main ingredient? Well, because caviar has a cell format that is similar to human skin structure! Caviar extract is uniquely structured to deliver these potent nutrients directly to the celular level of your skin. Also, Caviar compresses a mixture of important and valuable ingrediants and is your skin's balance diet.
Clinelle Caviar Gold line is formulated and manufactured in Korea (different to their PureSwiss Hydra Calm line)
The luxurious ingredients in this line
So let's talk about the products one by one. 

The first one is one of Clinelle products that does not belong to any specific line, it's their Deep Cleansing Water.
Clinelle Deep Cleansing Water - 180ml (IDR 159.000)
It's a 5-in-1 water based cleanser, claims to remove, exfoliate, purify, brighten and moisturize your skin
I don't know if it's just me (actually i think Olin also mentioned this) but i actually picked up a strong lavender scent from this cleanser and the caviar gold line. I am personally not a huge fan of lavender, but it doesn't bother me much. And i don't even know if there's really a lavender in it anyway hahaha, but that's just the scent that i immediately picked up from this product (and the caviar gold products).

This is the very convenient type of cleanser that is suggested to be the very first step in your skin care routine, wether or not you're wearing makeup. I find this product works well, but even though they claim that it can be used on your eyes and lips as well, i do have very sensitive eyes (they are very watery, easily tender and reddened) and when i do use it around my eyes, sometimes they tend to sting a little bit.  I still use it all the time as it does work well to remove dirt and makeup (if you use full makeup then you would have to use quite a lot of cotton pads to remove everything though), but i make sure that i use a different eye makeup remover that doesn't sting my eyes.
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cleanser - 100ml (IDR 99.000), comes in a simple squeeze tube with  flip top
This cleanser has a runny gelly consistency, it is runny enough that you only need to tilt the container to get some products out. Don't squeeze as you would definitely get more products than you need. As like most of the products in this line, it is clear with very fine gold glitter in it (super fine that you won't feel it)
It lathers, but not too much. It forms more of a dense foam than fluffy, airy ones
The firming cleanser is pretty nice too, it works well to cleanse my skin without making it feel dry or stretched. I do enjoy using it but i honestly don't feel like there's anything special about it,  maybe because i have very oily skin that i can't fully appreciate its effects? I would make my husband (who has sensitive, very dry skin) use it, i have a feeling his skin would appreciate this more than mine.
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion - 180ml (IDR 229.000) , comes in a cylindrical plastic bottle with covenient flip cap
It is one of those Korean style lotion/toner that is much thicker than traditional watery toner, the texture is so thick it looks almost like a serum for me. It, of course, also has fine gold glitter (much fainter than the cleanser) in it
I talked in the past how thick, gel-like lotions mostly don't work for me (i sometimes find one out of ten that can work on my skin) because i find them too thick to layer, but also too thin to be used on its own. The firming lotion actually rich enough for my oily skin to be used on its own, too rich in fact... That it makes my skin oily in a much faster rate than usual T.T. I would still use it at night on its own, but i definitely can't use it in the morning, especially layered with sun screens - i would be an oily mess in no time! This too, might be more suitable for normal/dry skins.

Now, onto a product that actually works on my skin fabulously :
The serum!
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum - 30ml (IDR 339.000)
Comes in a luxurious but light weight and travel friendly plastic pump bottle
I really enjoy the visual with the tiny gold "balls"
The consistency is very light, it is not super runny tho as it won't drip right away when you tilt your hand
This serum is a total pleasure to use, hydrating, spreads easily and refreshingly, gets absorbed quickly and does not leave any greasy or sticky residue. Potent enough to use on its own for my very oily skin, but would layer beautifully with the cream for normal or dry skin. This serum does help maintain the mochi-like suppleness on my skin. Love it!
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cream - 40ml (IDR 329.000)
Comes in a jar, that's again very visually pleasing but actually pretty light and safe for klutz like me (i am very scared of glass packaging because i always drop stuffs!)
It also comes with a spatula to make sure you don't dip your grubby finger in the jar and contaminate the entire jar *LOL* plus and extra lid to keep your cream from spilling everywhere
The cream texture is very lovely, not too thick but concentrated
So actually... I love the texture, the feel and the way this cream makes my skin feels upon first usage. It's actually much lighter (i hate nothing more than thick, greasy creams!) than i expected it to be, it gets absorbed fast and it leaves my skin feels super hydrated, smooth but not greasy or oily. However, i do notice that it is actually very moisturizing because it didn't take long for my skin to produce some white heads - always the sign that the moisturizer that i am using is way too rich for my skin. 

I actually feel sad because i wanted so bad that this beautiful cream to work for my skin because it just feels so good, but alas... It is definitely would match normal/dry skin better. I think i will be passing this cream to my mum, i bet she's gonna love it!

However, my skin really loves the serums because the next product also works awesome for me!
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum - 15 ml (IDR 339.000). It comes in a nearly identical packaging as the serum, just smaller!
The texture is too, almost identical to the serum. I find it a tad thicker and slimier (in a good way!)
The skin around my eyes are very picky, i can't use something that is too rich (most eye creams would cause millia seeds) like creams but some gels also don't work for me because they tend to sting my eyes. The serum does neither of those, it is light and refreshing but potent enough to deeply hydrate my eye area. I was afraid that because it is so light it would not do anything to my skin, and it might make my eye makeup look blotchy if used under makeup (some eye gels totally botch up my eye makeup!!!) but no... All's good. Skin is hydrated, no millia seed, makeup also top notch. Approve, approve, approve!

Oh, one thing to note is that you need to be careful when dispensing it. My instinct is always to do a full pump when a product comes in a pump, but you never need a lot for your eye area so one full pump is WAYYY too much. A little goes a long way, and it's not super cheap too, so you might want to be careful and just squirt a little at a time to prevent from wasting your precious product ^^.
Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Facial Mask - i can't find it in the website... Maybe it's new?
I'm gonna be totally honest with you, this is the only product that i haven't tried yet. I have been using the entire line for about 10 days, and them all combined... It doesn't work for my skin. Everything together is just too much for my skin, so i didn't dare to add more to the mix, especially masks because masks are so much more concentrated and packed with punches. I just can't deal with moisturizing masks with my current skin condition - i will be giving a try as soon as my skin turns more normal, and i will update once i do that. But for now, i can't comment much on it yet.

So that's all the Caviar Gold line review, super honest and super raw - i do still have one more product to mention but it's not from the Caviar Gold so i am going to give my conclusion first before i go on and talk about the last product.

I honestly thing that this entire line is very luxurious and fab, and i can see it working super well on people with dry/normal skin type - but for my super oily skin, they are totally hit and miss. I definitely cannot use the entire line at the same time, but i truly do find every single product to be very lovely and super high quality. I actually will continue using all of them except the cream is just to suitable for my skin type - i just won't use them all together at the same time. I can use the serums and the facial cleanser together, but i would have to use the lotion with more deep cleansing type of products. Speaking of deep cleansing, i have my eyes on Clinelle's other line, the Essential Care Regimen. I dunno, i have a feeling that that line is the one for my skin type? Hahaha...

Anyway, if you have dry/normal skin and are looking for luxurious (but still reasonably priced, they are not cheap but i know there are a lot of brands that costs a LOT more than them and work just the same as these), deeply hydrating, firming and plumping skin care, i would highly recommend checking this line out.

Onto the final product now :
Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream - 170 ml (IDR 289.000)
It has unique, 5 steel ball massagers attached to the body, you twist the head to open and close the opening 

It's a firming body shaper cream that works best when used working out. I didn't have time to work out (and when i do have time, i tend to crash and have a down time >.<, but imma get my ass back to yoga ASAP) so i just test it anyway. I didn't expect it to work at all, especially not instantly - but i honestly did see some minor improvement on the cellulite on my thighs!

The cream is very warming if you use a sufficient amount, but the warming sensation is actually pretty comforting as long as you don't go crazy. I did use a similar product (in gel form) in the past, that one burns! That product totally scared me off hot body shaping creams because it would burn everything it touches, my palm (because other shapign gels/creams don't really have the awesome dispensing mechanism as Clinelle's!) would hurt so much whenever i use it, and i would somehow always  manage to touch my eyes (even after washing my hands 10x) and burn them as well T.T. Clinelle Hot Body Shaper Cream restored my faith in shaping creams *LOL*. Not to forget the ingenious roller balls! I could just massage my fats for minutes while watching Youtube :))

And that, my friend, is the end of this super long, super photo-heavy post. I hope you last until the end :)! 

Thank you for reading and ofc, thank you Clinelle for the chance to try out your lovely products!

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